The Voice: the moving speech of Florent Pagny who worried viewers

Nour’s victory this Saturday, May 21, is also that of his coach Florent Pagny. After receiving the show’s trophy from the hands of Nikos Aliagas, the singer, who is currently battling lung cancer, delivered his emotional conclusion, in front of shocked viewers.

After several months of competition, fans of The Voice attended this Saturday, May 21 at the epilogue of the tele-hook. Who of Mister Mat, Caroline Costa, Loris, Vike or Nour was going to win? It’s finally the 16-year-old member of Florent Pagny’s team who was crowned. She thus succeeded Marghe, another winner already coached by the interpreter of Know how to love. In ten years, the 60-year-old singer will therefore have seen 5 of his foals win, a record for this unparalleled talent sniffer who, referring to his young protege, declared: “It won’t be a job, it will be a destiny.” This victory record was decorated by the presentation of a trophy, from the hands of Nikos Aliagas. The opportunity for the husband of Azucena, who is currently fighting lung cancer, to make a nice speech of thanks. “It’s nice to end in style”first declared Florent Pagny a historic figure in the program in which he has served since 2012.

Florent Pagny overwhelming

“It is true that in general, it is often the talents who come to explain to us that they had a good time because people are amazing on this set. Whether it’s the technicians, the musicians, the production, all the people who accompany us… Well, I can tell you that this is a coach who has spent ten seasons, I’m in my eleventh year and I can tell you it’s the truthsaid the father of Aël and Inca. If this program is this good, it’s because at each position, each profession that accompanies an adventure like this you just have the bestcontinued the coach. “So it creates a situation like this where, eleven years later, we still have an audience, curiosity and extraordinary talents who come and who do things that make us so emotionalwe still have Nikos who is beautifulhe continued. “I wanted to say that I had really spent some good years and I’m so happy to have spent all this time with all these people, so thank you all“.

Florent Pagny then took care to thank all those who worked around him for there “boss” of his fan club present on the set, to the public via the talented Nour. With tenderness, he then spoke of his wife and children with whom he now plans to retire to recover from the ordeal. Words that shocked viewers: “Florent Pagny’s speech is to make me cry stop”. In front of their screen others detected a subtext that may have scared them off : “Reassure me, this is not a goodbye speech from Florent Pagny I hope?”, “I dreamed or Florent Pagny has just announced his departure from The Voice ?”, could we read on Twitter. To get the answer to this question, you will have to be patient.