The Voice: Zazie cash on the reasons for his return in the next season

Friday, September 23, Zazie was the guest of Caroline Ithurbide on RFM. The singer, who will make her big comeback in the red armchair of The Voicehas made astonishing secrets about the reasons for his choice.

The fans of The Voice will have to fasten their belts, TF1 has again embarked on a major upheaval for the next season of tele-hook. Last week, the channel announced the composition of the new jury, with a big surprise : for the first time, they will not be 4 but 5 to sit in the red armchairs. BigFlo & Oli will indeed enter the team and should sit in one and the same chair, although larger. Unfortunately, the Toulouse rappers will not make their big debut alongside Florent Pagny, who has decided not to extend the adventure due to his state of health. Same decision for Marc Lavoine who leaves the adventure again. On the other hand, Vianney and Amel Bent will be back for this twelfth edition, alongside a ghost: Zazie.

“That’s crazy”

The singer will therefore participate in her 6th edition, she who has 2 victories in the competition. But this return, it will have taken a long time before accepting it because of her ultra busy schedule: “First I looked at my schedule and it tired me out… I’m in the studio, I’m going to shoot in 2023…” she told the Parisian. On the other hand, she did not reveal during this interview the reasons which finally pushed her to accept, which she finally faced with Caroline Ithurbide in her show on RFM: “You’re in the front row of people who sing very well, which are moving. You’re public in fact, first of all, and then after, humbly, you try to put them on the path of little things that they can do” she begins to explain before being snatched back by the facilitator: “And it pays well!” she says humorously. Ah yes, it is really well paid! But you know that I’m really well paid, even without ‘The Voice’, huh. That’s what’s crazy. That’s crazy” concluded Zazie. Did the production take out the checkbook to bring back one of its emblematic coaches?