The website of the Royal House changes and implicates Harry and Meghan

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    There are times when the smallest details are noticed first by the fans than by the media. Since today everyone has the ability to communicate through the Internet (and that content is likely to go viral), it is easy for all of us to be a kind of 3.0 reporters with a potential loudspeaker. And that is what has happened, more or less, with a peculiarity that appears on the website of the ‘Royal Family’ of England, related to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: The staunch supporters of the Royal House tweeted something they had noticed. Apparently, the page, in which, among other things, it shows each member of the Royal Family, was modified after the death of Queen Elizabeth. But not only were the member titles updated, there was one additional small change.

    Meghan and Harry’s individual pages used to be just below the pages of the Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton. Now, your entries have moved to the bottom of the page. They are basically the last ones. Here you can appreciate it:

    harry meghan


    And the truth is that, well, the ‘fandom’ is not completely surprised by this type of movement, due to all the drama that has been brewing since Harry opted to be with the woman he fell in love with. But in any case, although it is not of great importance (at this point), it is still a ‘salseo’ quite commentable on Twitter, as is the case.

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