“The wedding with Gabriel will be in the middle of the year”

For the third time, Irina Baeva plays the couple Gabriel Soto in a soap opera. This time it is Divided Love, the story in which the Russian takes her relationship to fiction, and although many may think that working alongside her fiancé is an advantage, the actress assures that it is a commitment, because the gallant is full of qualities that, despite the time they have been together, leave her with her mouth open. In interview with TV and novels, Debra’s interpreter tells us what her boyfriend is like when he is with her on a television set.

Is this character totally different from the ones you’ve done? Debra, without a doubt, is one of my favorite characters; if he is not the first, he would be in the top two, definitely. It was very difficult to build the personality, because at the moment it arrives and I read that it is about a woman who makes the decision to abort in a happy marriage, in which there is love and she has all the conditions in the world to be able to have a his son, I try to understand his interior. It is that, in the end, one as an actor is not there to judge our characters, we are here to find the justification, their reasons, to understand them, to be empathetic, because it is the only way in which the public is also empathetic.

Do they have similarities? Yes, I think I am also an independent woman, determined, I came from Russia to Mexico for a reason. Debra is also a hard worker, and in that we are very much alike. Definitely, both I and many women identify with this character because she is in search of that balance we are talking about, since I would not like to leave my career because I am a mother, for example. And I know that when you are a mother, priorities change, so she is also part of female empowerment; We talk about how we women want to be successful in our careers, get ahead, but juggling.

Are you aware that at some point, like Irina, you will have to find that balance? Sure, and the truth is that I’m saying this right now because I’m not a mom, but I don’t know how I’m going to react. However, I have always thought that when one decides to have children, priorities change and it is about readjusting certain things. For example, my sister is dedicated to her children, and that’s incredible because they have a mother present, she educates them, and she seems spectacular to me, but I don’t think it would be my case, I don’t think I could do it. Although with a partner next to him he would have more help.

You share a scene with Gabriel, what does he bring you on set? We have had to work on two other novels and a play; I always say it, Gabriel is a generous actor, he is a very good partner, he is always there, pending, always ready to pass the scene. He always arrives studied, on time, unless I delay him… It’s not true! (laughs). The truth is that he is very calm, besides, a very humble man, and I continue to learn from him how he relates to the people who are on the set, how he respects each one of the team, doing his bit so that the result be the best.

Will he be the dream husband? Exactly! (laughs).

Is he the man you envisioned? I think not, finally, what we dream and visualize often does not come true. Life can surprise you in a very interesting way.

After the novel, what would you like to do? I would like my family to come to Mexico, I have not seen my parents for more than two years due to the pandemic, so, although I want to rest, I also dream of seeing them, sharing with them. As for work, there are several offers, but I can not advance anything. I only hope that the characters that come are challenging.

And the wedding? I would also like it to be done already! Although right now we have the preparations on pause for the telenovela, but we hope that by the middle of the year it can be done.