The Willys Santa Cruz Club will cross the Bolivian Chaco

September 23, 2022, 11:33 AM

September 23, 2022, 11:33 AM

Last Saturday the symbolic start took place and tomorrow, some 20 Willies will officially leave annual caravan named Heroes of the Chaco.

The members of the Club Willys Santa Cruz will embark on this journey that will cross the hot lands of the Bolivian Chaco, from 24 to 30
of September. 12 towns from our department and from Chuquisaca and Tarija await you.

The pilots of these historic vehicles will start the trip with a floral offering in the Plaza 24 de Septiembre and the next stops will be Río Seco, Cabezas, Abapó, Gutiérrez, Camiri, Cuevo, Boyuibe, Macharetí, Villa Montes, El Angosto and Charagua.

Ready. Gualberto Antezana, Joseph Alexander Justiniano, Donald Aldunate and Chuny Callaú

The best co-pilot. Lourdes Nava de Antezana and Gualberto Antezana

Team. Pedro Rivero De Ugarte and Pedro Rivero Jordan

Uniformed. Marisol Coimbra, David Callau and Javier Oropeza

With the flattered Ronald Pinto will go in his model 43 vehicle

Family. Jaime Cuéllar will take his children Jaime, Cristian and David and his wife, Tatiana Daza

Eight years of caravan. Gonzalo Álvarez travels in his Willys civil version
from 1952

Happy. Roger Urgel, Gustavo Melgar and Roger Cuellar

Friends. Donald Aldunate, Lorgio Justiniano, Angel Justiniano, and Roberto Escalante

The Aldunates. Óscar and Luciana accompany their
father, Donald, who presides over the club