“The Wollnys” fans criticize Estefania: “Terrible!”

It is well known that anonymous users on the Internet can be quite nasty. Behind a meaningless profile name and poorly recognizable profile picture, it is easy to pull off the leather. “Die Wollnys” star Estefania has now felt this painfully.

The 20-year-old is making a name for herself in the music industry unlike the rest of the “Die Wollnys” actors and has already released a few singles. Estefania has again got male support for her latest song, but the duet completely falls through with her fans.

“The Wollnys” daughter sings about “deep scars in the heart”

Estefania proudly presents her latest work on Instagram. The song “Allein”, which she recorded with singer Vocis, has been everywhere since December 2nd. It is a melancholic RnB number that deals with the tragic end of a relationship.

“Deep scars in the heart, no feeling. Keep counting days. It gets chilly when you’ve been lying to each other for days. Notice that I just don’t feel anything anymore. Every step you take is daring when you contradict yourself,” Estefania sings on the song. Is she speaking from personal experience? That remains her secret.

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While the emotional ballad on YouTube has received a lot of praise, Estefania’s Instagram followers have criticized “Alone”. Her most loyal fans of all people seem to no longer be able to identify with the RTL ZWEI actress’s musical style.

“The Wollnys” fans disappointed: “It doesn’t sound good”

Negative feedback is piling up under a preview of the new song. “It’s not really my thing now,” comments one woman. A second agrees: “Unfortunately, I don’t like it that much.” The chorus in particular seems to offend them. “If it weren’t for this ‘All-lei-lein’, the song could be good. Sorry, but that really doesn’t sound good,” complains another follower. Another woman said: “I find this word ‘alone’ terribly sung.”

One or the other does not even understand the text correctly. At the point “We believed in everything” they only hear “We bought bananas”. Pretty uncomfortable for young singer Estefania, who wants to start off as a serious musician apart from the “Die Wollnys” series.

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