The Wollnys: Strip show for Loredana (18) – “Is still in bed”

“The Wollnys”: Hot strip show for 18-year-old Loredana – “You still end up in bed”

03/22/2022 at 10:55 p.m

The Wollnys: A terribly large family

The Wollnys: A terribly large family

We present Germany’s probably largest TV family, the Wollnys.

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The Wollnys let it rip properly. Nesthäkchen Loredana celebrated her coming of age in March – and she already seems to be enjoying it to the full.

If “The Wollnys“The head of the family, Silvia Wollny, knew how hot it was on her daughter’s 18th birthday? In any case, the fans are longing for more recordings.

“The Wollnys”: Loredana gets a hot lap dance for her 18th birthday

While most 18-year-olds celebrate on their day of honor that they are finally allowed to drive alone or drink harder alcohol, “The Wollnys“-Star Loredana surprised with a very special gift.

A stripper was specially ordered for the schoolgirl’s party, who gave Loredana a lap dance for her birthday. The half-naked guy was also “Cologne 50667” actor Chris Grey.

The surprise was written on Loredana’s face, as shown by two snapshots on her Instagram channel. In the first picture she held her hand in front of her face. The second photo clearly showed how much fun she had with Chris. With him sitting on her lap and her hands on his body, the camera caught her laughing out loud from the bottom of her heart.


These are “The Wollnys“:

  • “The Wollnys – A Terribly Big Family” is a pseudo-documentary on RTL2
  • The main actors are Silvia Wollny and her children Sylvana, Sarafina, Estefania, Calantha, Loredana, Lavinia and Sarah-Jane
  • The first episode of “Die Wollnys” was broadcast on January 17, 2011
  • RTL2 showed the now 15th season of the series in January and February 2022


“The Wollnys” fans want more: “Can you see the video somewhere?”

The hot dance routine also seemed to go down well with her followers. In the comments, they kept asking the same question: “Is your 18th going to be broadcast on TV?” and “Can you see the video somewhere?” However, the fans will have to wait a little longer for new episodes of the Wollnys. RTL2 only showed the current season in February.

Until then, the Wollnys supporters are enjoying the exuberant photos of Loredana’s party. “You’ll end up in bed because he’s into you,” claimed one woman upon seeing the salacious images. Another user remarked, “Look how Loredana is enjoying herself.”


More about the Wollnys:


However, it is unlikely that something is really going on between Loredana and Chris. The 30-year-old is just a good friend of the Wollnys and even played in the “Beacon” music video by Loredana’s sister Estefania.