The word of Ariel’s best friend from GH after Analía Franchín’s fat-phobic comment

Days ago, Analia Franchín made a comment about Ariel, the new entrant who entered Big Brother, and surprised everyone. “What I don’t understand is why they want them to starve, if he, who is Pumper’s hippopotamus, is starving. He doesn’t stop eating, guys,” she said and many repudiated her.

Analia Franchín

Upon hearing it, Luisito (former participant of Cuestión de peso) stated: “I grabbed my head when I heard it, it is an unconscious that skidded. He knows what he is exposing himself to when he says it. It is a mine that always plays on the limit and is a woman who always pushes her limits and thinks what she says is right and someone has to tell her it’s not right.”