“The world of Karma” dances to the rhythm of the dembow

In one of the episodes of the children’s series called “The World of Karma” the creators decided to involve the dominican dembowin a chapter where a woman explains what that rhythm is and how it is danced.

In the scene it is perceived how the protagonist, Karma, enjoys a rhythm that she does not know until she asks: “Wow, what is this?”

“Look, the dembow has this effect, do you know the Dominican dembow? It is a type of music similar to reggaeton, but it has its own style, It is very popular in the Dominican Republic, where my family is from,” the woman explained to the girl who shows her talent for dancing and rhyming in the series.

He continued his breakdown of the Dominican genre by telling the girl how to learn to dance to the rhythm of the dembow.

“You start by marking the heartbeat and if you speed up the rhythmyou have the dembow”, commented the woman while dancing to a track of that musical genre.

“The World of Karma”

It is a Netflix series released on October 15, 2021.

According to the description on the training platform, it is young Karma, who Gifted with a talent for lyrics, she juggles her rap dreams and his rhymes as he uses his talent, his ambition and his heart to solve any problem.