“The year was quite complicated for me“: sad, Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) makes a sensational announcement

Mathieu Ceschin would really need a break. The former candidate of the M6 ​​show Love is in the meadow 15 is indeed a chain of bad news. On September 12, he announced his break with Alexandre, the handsome Norman rider who he had a crush on in the program and with whom he married on June 27, 2021. Some time after this happy event, during the summer of 2021, he revealed that he had reached Cadasil’s disease, a rare genetic pathology that affects the brain and makes it complicated the process of procreation by surrogate mother that he expected. Worried about his physical and moral state of health, his social network subscribers regularly ask him for news. This Wednesday, December 28, the bull breeder responded to them by making a sensational announcement in stories on Instagram.

“Following your many messages of concern, know that all is well. Nevertheless, the year was quite complicated for me“, began Mathieu Ceschin. Alexander’s ex followed up with this sad revelation, “announcement of a new genetic disease” detected “last week”. “So I do udon’t break networks“, he said, he who is nevertheless very active on the platform, posting regularly dglimpses of his private life. Far from being discouraged by this bad news, the breeder made an appointment with his fans on January 1st at 12 p.m. “a new and great adventure”. And to conclude with benevolence: “Love each other”.

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Reassuring news about his Cadasil disease

On October 24, the farmer gave reassuring news about his Cadasil diseaseas soon as he left his appointment with a neurologist. “The appointment with the neurologist went really well. The disease is not progressing so I am very very very happy.”, he enthusiastically revealed the time of this Instagram story. This positive assessment is a real ray of hope for the Camargue, who let his joy explode: “I don’t know what to say, I’m very moved, I tell myself that a lot of things are going on in my head, and when in the head we have a kind of will to fight, lots of miracles happen.”, he added with some relief. Before concluding : “I am delighted and I am convinced that my future child will be happy too and that it lasts as long as possible like that. Let’s be positive”.

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