The young woman with whom Fredy Guarín forgot Sara Uribe and whom he calls “future wife”

The former soccer player of the Colombian National Team Fredy Guarín has once again called everyone’s attention on social networks by sharing a “live” through his personal Instagram account, where he showed his new sentimental partner Pauleth Pastrana, a young veterinarian who would be with the former Millionaires player for a year.

And although there were rumors on social networks in recent weeks that Guarín could have returned with his ex-partner Sara Uribe, who stated a few days ago that the relationship with the footballer’s family was very good, Fredy through his Instagram has shown his beautiful girlfriend Pauleth, which completely cleared the rumors.

“My girl, my wife, my lady, my future wife, my friend”, These were some of the words that Fredy Guarín used in his live on Instagram to refer to Pauleth, who for much of the time was recording from the footballer’s official account.

And although the player seemed to be in a celebration with his girlfriend and a friend, in which he could have drunk alcohol minutes before, Guarín’s words surprised his followers, since he not only assumed his new relationship, but also stated that the couple had plans to get married soon.

Y Although the “live” does not confirm that Guarín is going to marry his new girlfriend, the followers and the media dedicated to entertainment have taken advantage of the moment to start the rumors of a possible marriage between Pastrana and the former Inter Milan player from Italy.

The followers of both Fredy Guarín and his ex-partner Sara Uribe comment and ask questions about the relationship between them all the time. So the comments on Uribe’s social networks have not been long in coming, talking about the footballer’s new girlfriend and the possible marriage.

Sara Uribe opened her heart and told how her relationship with Freddy Guarín’s family is

Sara Uribe, who recently indicated that she would like to have another child, decided to put an end to the gossip and clarified what her current relationship with Freddy Guarín’s family is.

Through Instagram stories, the woman from Antioquia recently enabled the question box to interact a little with all her followers, who asked her how she got along with the soccer player’s relatives.

“Do you get along with your ex-boyfriend’s family?” Was one of the questions that an Internet user asked the former soap opera star, who had no problem answering it.

The Antioquia businesswoman assured that she has no problem with the relatives of the former player of the Colombian National Team and that from time to time she meets with them to greet little Jacobo, the couple’s son.

Although she did not provide further details, the renowned model took advantage of the moment to share a small reflection with her followers. Likewise, she pointed out that children do not have to pay the consequences of the decisions that adults make.

“I just want my son to be a happy boy, full of love. He is not to blame for our actions. They are the family that I chose. Therefore, it is my son’s family and I will always be there for them.”accurate.

The Colombian presenter also used the dynamics on her personal Instagram account to clarify that she is not pregnant and that she simply suffers from irritable bowel on occasions.

“Yes, I am pregnant, but it will be from the beans when my colon becomes inflamed”, the businesswoman from Antioquia, who recently traveled to Las Vegas (United States), jokingly specified.

It is worth mentioning that the former player of the team shared a photo with his girlfriend Pauleth Pastrana a few days ago, revealing that he was not recently with Sara Uribe, as was speculated on the various social networks.

Regarding the question about the role of the children in a separation, the businesswoman from Antioquia did not hold anything back and answered from her experience with the Boyacá midfielder. In addition, she assured that it is best to end the love relationship when things are no longer working.