The ‘youtubers’ and media faces who attend the Qatar 2022 World Cup | People | Entertainment

The World Cup event not only brings together the best athletes of the king of sports, but also various media faces, famous in traditional media or on social networks. While many others will surely appear as the final draws near, these are some of the figures we can already recognize in Qatar.

Jero Freixas

The Argentine comedian, actor and influencer who became popular on social networks (even being recognized by the player Lionel Messi), He is enjoying the Qatar 2022 World Cup together with his wife, Josefina de Cabo, as revealed this week on his social networks where he accumulates hundreds of thousands of followers. They were even present at the opening match of the World Cup showing their support for the Ecuadorian team and honoring their motto of ‘put humor to the most beautiful sport in the world’.

Jorge Ulloa

The Ecuadorian actor and comedian, now recognized internationally thanks to his work at Enchufe TV and Touché Films, also enjoy sports party. He even took advantage of record a funny video from the Al-Bayt stadium, where the Ecuadorian team played last Sunday, and joked with having sat ‘in the opponent’s area’ (Qatar), but that he managed to “befriend” them thanks to the “Ecuadorian smooth talk.”

Hot Spanish

The Mexican Roberto González, better known on social networks as Hot Spanishwalk and share their occurrences from Qatar for their most 5 million followers on YouTube. Among the videos that entertain your audience are those where He offers money to certain people he meets on the street in exchange for completing certain challenges, among them, show your skills with the soccer ball. In addition to another (a bit controversial) where he admits that he managed to enter one of the games with alcohol.

Momo Geronimo Benavides

One of the most media figures in Argentina, awarded as ‘streamer’ of the year in 2021and also reports from Qatar all his anecdotes and emotions. ‘Momo’, as defined on his YouTube channel (which has already exceeded one million followers) He also recently joined the ex-soccer player’s communication team Sergio ‘El Kun’ Agüero, who has also landed at the headquarters of the 2022 World Cup.