“The Zebra” at “The Masked Singer” 2022: the secret is out

“The Zebra” on “The Masked Singer” 2022: the riddle seems to have been cracked

Masked Singer: These were the costumes in Season 2

Masked Singer: These were the costumes in Season 2

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The zebra” at “The Masked Singer“is an absolute eye-catcher in this year’s season. The first association when looking at the costume: It’s female. Its attributes: it is young, colorful from head to toe and wears a cute tutu.

But experienced viewers should know: It could also just be a trick. So maybe it’s male after all?

Which star could now turn to “The Masked Singer‘ under the costume of ‘The zebra” hide?

“The Zebra” on “The Masked Singer” 2022: is she hiding under the mask?

Maybe someone who likes extravagance? Finally, the skirt of the zebra consists of 20 meters of tulle and is decorated with rhinestones and hundreds of stars, which have been specially cut out by hand. The extra large shoes, which are also handmade, are particularly striking.


The first indications that ProSieben already reveals about “Das Zebra” in “The Masked Singer”:

  • “The Zebra” likes it colorful instead of black and white
  • is fun for everyone
  • Motto: “Don’t take life so seriously”
  • “I make the world how I like it”
  • “Only real with stripes – and dots”
  • likes to play pranks
  • lives on an adventure playground
  • probably likes to ride
  • likes to read “Pipi Longstocking”
  • loves school and learns French and English with flashcards: blanc – white; black – blac
  • always has time for his friends
  • loves things that aren’t perfect
  • The zebra also likes to hatch pranks
  • The zebra likes to do things itself: make new from old
  • Everyone is welcome in the world of the zebra
  • The zebra likes it wild and free – but it also likes homework
  • He likes to play pranks – but sometimes they go wrong
  • An air kiss
  • A 100 percent cotton t-shirt


“The Masked Singer”: First guesses!

The fans and the jury already have their first guesses as to which celebrity will slip into the zebra costume.


“The Masked Singer 2022”: YOU are still in the running


Names like:

  • Anke Engelke (comedian)
  • Andrea Berg (pop singer)
  • Marianne Rosenberg (pop singer)
  • Mandy Capristo (singer)
  • Lena Meyer-Landrut (singer)
  • Ella Endlich (singer)
  • Ilse DeLange (singer)
  • Patricia Kelly (singer)


It is clear that shortly after the zebra’s first appearance, a name is mentioned again and again on Twitter: “It’s Anke Engelke.” And if you listen carefully, the voice could really be from the comedian.

In addition, some indications match Anke Engelke. Anke Engelke has already played the role of Pippi Longstocking in the show “Ladykracher”. She was born in Montreal, so she speaks French in addition to German and English. The clue about homework also fits: In her new film “Enclosed Society” she mimes a teacher.

This mask is probably the biggest puzzle for the guessing team and for the viewers.