their “exciting” adventure in a castle

The Bruni-Sarkozy spouses are decidedly surprising. After song, cinema and politics, Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy are taking the world of wine by storm! And it was the former first lady herself who entrusted it to “Gala”.

After Brad Pitt and his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, vsis the turn of the Bruni-Sarkozy couple to embark on the agricultural adventure. And in fact, it has been three years since their new mission began. Indeed, in an interview given exclusively to Gala this Thursday, July 07, 2022, the interpreter of Someone told me revealed that she had acquired, together with her husband and two associates, a wine estate. A sumptuous property located in the village of Fontvieille, in the heart of Provence, at the foot of the Massif des Alpilles to be precise.

His name: the Estoublon castle. And Carla Bruni has already completely fallen in love with it, evidenced by her speech in the magazine. “There are places like this that are irresistible. Not to mention the estate itself, it is located in the Alpilles region, unique with its extraordinary landscapes of beauty and poetry. I even find that there is a special scent in the wind that you can only find there”.

Winning bet for Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy

If Carla Bruni embarked on this adventure, it is above all thanks to the determination of her husband. “It is my husband and our two associates who wanted to embark on this adventure. This is exciting but also a little disturbing since it touches on a field and a know-how that I do not know at all. But we are well organized”, she said transparently. But their little secret seems to have already paid off.

In effect, they produce wine and olive oil for three years alreadyand the reputation of these two products is second to none, their olive oil having even won the prize for the best oil in the world in several international cities. It must be said that they surrounded themselves well, and this from the start. As Carla Bruni told Galathe four partners work hand in hand with an oenologist, Anaïs Maillet, who notably created their wine from scratch Roseblood.

“Anaïs Maillet makes the wine and we assist her, mainly on the creative part. Concerning the assembly, we of course have our say but that remains all the same relative. We give our impressions”she explained.

Nicolas Sarkozy, “so vibrant”, does not drink alcohol

The Sarkozy spouses therefore seem well launched in this new adventure. Nonetheless, it remains a major challenge for them, especially since the former President of the Republic does not drink a drop of alcohol. “He likes the smell of wine only, he doesn’t like the taste and I think he doesn’t like letting go either. Maybe that’s a good thing”said Carla Bruni this Thursday, July 07, before making a new statement to the one with whom she has shared her life since 2008: My husband is so vibrant. If he had tasted drunkenness, I don’t know where we would be.

Carla Bruni: “I have already written several songs in the castle”

In this interview, to be found in full in the latest issue of Galathe singer and model also spoke about the inspiration that this place gave her. “I have already written several songs in the castle“, she said in particular. “There are several rooms where you can isolate yourself and I regularly go there at night with my guitar and let inspiration come”. And Carla Bruni to conclude: “I’ve never played here, but I would love it. My musicians would love it too. It’s not planned at the moment but you never know”. The future will tell…