Their love lasted four months; Eiza Gonzalez and Jason Momoa split

Eiza González and Jason Momoa started dating four months ago. The Mexican actress dazzled Momoa with her interventions on red carpets and social events and the final crush was when Eiza paraded at the Met gala.

From that moment they began to look for ways to spend more time together, despite the fact that their work schedules were an obstacle that prevented them from meeting on many occasions.

“They are getting to know each other, nothing is firm yet,” it was learned at the end of May, when the idea that they were in love could no longer be hidden.

However, the distance and the difference in the work projects ended up prevailing and People magazine announced that the Mexican’s incipient relationship with Momoa has ended.

According to the magazine, a friend of the actor explained, “It’s not that Momoa wasn’t taking it seriously with his kids, he wasn’t going to jump into a relationship quickly. He still has a lot of love for Lisa (Bonet, his ex) and there is a lot of respect between them; it is something that matters a lot to them”.

The fleeting romance between Eiza and Jason began in February. He had announced his separation from Lisa in January, so it was surprising that he began a relationship with the Mexican actress.

The biggest sign that there was something between Momoa and González was in April, when they began to be seen more often together and the actor even attended the premiere of “Ambulance”, Eiza’s film.

However, People confirmed that the separation was due to the short time they spent together since they discovered that they had different projections since while the Mexican thought of a more formal courtship, for Jason it was a not so serious relationship.