theory that connects the wayfinder with Vecna

    Every time we finish a series, the wildest guesses about the plot and its characters start to come to light. ‘Stranger Things’ is one of the fictions that gives more play in this regard. After learning that Will could be the new villain, fans have launched a new theory that links the school counselor with Vecna. Mrs. Kelly, played by Regina Ting Chen, has not had much of a presence in the fourth season, so she could be a character without much more to go if it weren’t for one detail that has set off all the alarms.

    Before getting to the point, we have to remind you that this character works at Hawkins High School to help and advise students with their dramas. One of the first to go through her office was Chrissy and then we saw that Max had also had several talks with her to explain all the problems that he began to experience after the death of her brother Billy her. When she began to have strange dreams and she knew that Vecna ​​was looking for her, she did not hesitate to ask her friends for help to read the psychologist’s reports in search of an answer. Previous victims had gone through the same consultation. The definitive clue would be in this enlarged image.

    school counselor


    Fans noticed that Mrs. Kelly wears a key-shaped pendant with a watch, and this object is directly linked to the villain of this installment, one of the many monsters of “Stranger Things”. Seen this way, she makes all the sense in the world that Vecna ​​had an ally who is looking for her ideal victims. This theory has not been confirmed, but from now on, we will not lose track of this character who may be fundamental for the chapters to come.

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