There are more than 20 testimonies against Toño Berumen

The accusations of alleged abuse against the businessman Tono Berumen there are already dozens, according to Mauricio Martinezwho not only broke the silence on Twitter, but has already sued him before the authorities for the harassment he suffered 20 years ago.

In the 90s, Berumen was recognized in the media for being the manager of various groups such as Mercury, Magnet and other stars like Fey and Danna Paola; he now dedicates his life to matters related to the Catholic Church. When Mauricio was starting his career, he met with Toño in his office and there he wanted to touch the actor.

Mauricio Martínez has already reported Toño Berumen to the authorities for what happened.

In addition to speaking on the program ‘Hoy’, Mauricio shared his story with Adela Micha this Thursday, March 17; there he assured that he has more than 20 testimonies against Toño Berumen. “It’s overwhelming, every day they come and go,” Martinez said.

On Twitter, there are people who wrote to Mauricio to confess that they suffered the same with Toño Berumen.

Mauricio assured that he already has more than 20 testimonies. We must remember that there are also public complaints from other young people who lived in their own flesh of the alleged misdeeds of Toño Berumen. One of the most notorious cases in 2021 was that of the singer Jesus Falcon.

In an interview for gossip not likehe related: “I went to a casting to be part of the new members of the group M5. I went, I saw all his records, I saw that he had photos with the Pope, he gave me a lot of confidence and then I realized that it was not that, that it was not It was all rosy. It was something very difficult, a very strong experience with his character, with his way of being. [me acosó] many times. It was terrible”, confessed Jesús Falcón.

Despite the passage of time, Jesus has been firm in his story against Toño Berumen. “He tried to abuse me one day, he was very strong, and you as a young man don’t know what to do; I didn’t let him do that, it was here in CDMX, in his office, where we rehearsed and where he also lived”recently recounted.

There is also the other testimony of a man who preferred to remain anonymous, but acknowledged having been the boyfriend of Hector Ugarte, of Mercury. He pointed to Berumen as the protagonist of orgies with seminarians in an interview with Javier Ceriani.

“There were handsome boys, very handsome, and it turns out that those boys were seminarians. Suddenly Héctor tells me: ‘you have to do what Toño tells you because if I don’t lose the business and everything, you don’t know what Toño means to me (…)’. (Héctor told me) ‘Don’t worry, after you enter him, you’re not going to enter the orgy’ (…) It was an orgy where they stripped us all naked and had the four boys penetrate Toño, the seminarians “he confessed.

That statement involves seminarians… In recent times, Toño Berumen has had a close relationship with the Catholic Church; He was the representative in Mexico of the Vatican Museums, and was in charge of the replica of the Sistine Chapel in CDMX.