There are plenty of reasons to be thankful | shows

Ell gratitude must be part of the daily exercise of every human being. It is not necessary to wait for a day on the calendar to stop for a few minutes and recognize the blessings received: the big ones, the small ones, or those that come in disguise, as we sometimes call problems or challenges.

In a year that continues to be marked by the pandemic, there has been a resurgence of the arts and a return to their traditional settings. The concerts are no longer virtual and tickets sell out in minutes. Likewise, the theater has enjoyed a great reception, as well as the Puerto Rican cinema, with several local films currently on the billboard.

Below, some personalities share the reasons why they will give thanks on this day.

Victoria Sanabria, singer

“For life, for work, for joy, for my people, for living in the intimacy of charm, for my son, for my husband, for my career, for the chinchorreo. For all the beauty that is presented every day, we must be aware that we must value everything we have. So I live grateful for everything I have.

Andres Jimenez, singer

“To my teachers and to life, because life is also a teacher. Little by little, life teaches you a lot of things that are irreplaceable. In other words, they are things that happen to you. Also, to the people, to the people who have always given me that support and backing. It has always been that strength to keep going, no matter the inconvenience with what is going on. Those people who go to the public square, who go to the festival, who accompany me to the theater, always demand a great responsibility from me, because they trust that what I am doing is part of themselves and that gives me a very great force. Therefore, it is they who I thank the most, because they are the ones who give me the strength to continue”.

Iván Fernández, participant of Exaltón United States

“I am grateful for the support that the entire Puerto Rico gave me in this experience. I am grateful that I am back with my family, that I am healthy, that I have a family that supports me and loves me, and that I am here again in Puerto Rico for Christmas.”

Gredmarie Colón, entertainer and businesswoman

“First of all for my daughter, for that wonderful blessing. For my family, because indeed, I have a family and for all the blessings that have come to me. For all the beauty that I have sown and the time has come to harvest.

Julio César Sanabria, troubadour

“I am going to give thanks because I achieve the dream of having my son record this first Christmas record production with me. To have my son healthy, to be able to fulfill the dream of singing to our Three Kings through this gift. To my Kings, because I am celebrating 25 years of the promise of Kings. And I am going to give thanks for the health of my mother, that thank God I have her alive and I have her healthy. And for the joy of being able to spend a Christmas sharing traditions, culture and above all, in defense of our native Puerto Rican music”.

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