“There we are surviving”: Mateo Carvajal showed his face after cosmetic surgery

Mateo Carvajal, winner of the reality show the Super Human Challenge in 2017 and ex-partner of the presenter Melina Ramírez, decided to go to the operating room and get an aesthetic touch-up on her face.

Through his Instagram account, Carvajal showed how he is progressing satisfactorily from his rhinoplasty surgery and explained a little more about what the procedure consisted of.

“Look, I’m still turned into shit, but the worst thing is a chimbadita in the eye, but look, I wanted to tell you what they did to me,” he began by saying.

According to him, the surgery arose as a curiosity after his cosmetic surgeon explained to him that the nostrils must be aligned with the eyes, or be within the space between the two.

“His nose was a bit wide from side to side, so what they did was adjust it to that space between the eyes. It’s something I wanted to do, if you don’t feel comfortable with something, then do it and that’s it, ”she said.

Finally, he told his followers that he would go shopping for Mother’s Day gifts in the company of his girlfriend. “I’m going for the mother’s gift with a very good adviser,” he concluded.

He confessed how is his relationship with the future husband of Melina Ramírez

Melina Ramírez and Mateo Carvajal separated some time ago, but the couple had their son Salvador, which is why they maintain a good relationship.

Both the winner of Super Human Challenge as the presenter they have a new partner; she confirmed her marriage commitment to actor Juan Manuel Mendoza, a topic that aroused the curiosity of Carvajal’s followers, about her relationship with her ex-partner’s fiancé.

On December 31, Melina published a carousel of photos on Instagram in which she said that she is marrying the famous actor and singer. “Love you. I am very lucky to have you, I want to build the home I dreamed of by your side. Thank you 2021 for so much. How happy I am! ”, Wrote the presenter in her publication.

Carvajal’s followers took advantage of the fact that he opened the space for questions in his Instagram stories to ask him about his relationship with Juan Manuel Mendoza.

“How do you get along with Salvador’s stepfather?” Carvajal was asked on the social network. The influencer and model did not evade the Instagram user’s question and answered very calmly.

“I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting him, but we get along well,” replied Mateo Carvajal in his Instagram stories, where he had more interaction with his followers.

Some also asked him about his tattoos and tips for playing sports. Another netizen also took advantage of the conversation space to ask about the bet with popular music singer Jhonny Rivera.

“Isn’t it true that Jhonny Rivera scared you?” They asked Carvajal, to which he replied that he is still “steadfast” and added that he has no money. “I’m more ‘pelao’ than La Liendra when he didn’t have the accounts,” he said.

Mateo Carvajal challenged the Colombian singer to run a long distance in kilometers. Whoever wins will walk away with a large sum of money.

“Don Jhonny is running like an animal, like a man from Ethiopia, from Uganda, Mr. Jhonny, you are at a high level, is running just like me; my brother, I have a challenge for us to go out into the ring if he is not afraid” (sic), Carvajal said in the first instance.

“I bet you 10 million in a race, you and I, I’m going to give you a little advantage and I’m going to do it without breakfast, it’s the only thing because you’re running well and because you’re a man. If you don’t ask Andy for permission,” Carvajal said.

The singer and father of Andy Rivera did not hesitate to immediately answer his challenger. “I’m not afraid, the talk makes me sad. I paint it this way, you do five kilometers and I do four. What’s more, I ask you to give me two weeks to train, you’ll see,” Rivera replied.

Carvajal, like any good Paisa businessman, made another proposal. “Let’s do one thing, we do 10 kilometers and I give him a two-mile advantage, that way it’s more even,” Mateo said.