“There will be change”: Delphine Wespiser confirms the imminent departure of Sylvie Tellier from the Miss France committee

In the columns of Télé-Loisirs, Thursday June 9, 2022, Delphine Wespiser reacted to rumors concerning the imminent departure of Sylvie Tellier at the head of the Miss France committee. The former beauty queen assured that there should be change soon.

Ewhat if Sylvie Tellier was about to leave his post at the head of the Miss France committee? This is the rumor that has been making more and more noise for many weeks. In the columns of Tele-Leisure, Thursday, May 9, 2022, Delphine Wespiser expressed her opinion on the subject and her revelations will make a lot of noise. “At first I thought it was also a rumour. But I think there will indeed be change“, she assured at first before announcing who she would see to take over the succession of the current mother of Miss France.

I can see Elodie Gossuin (the latter has already explained that she does not want to take on such responsibilities), Sonia Rolland or Sophie Thalmann. You must at least have seen ten years pass since her coronation to understand the evolution of Miss France, to have maturity and to master the management of many things such as the press… At the same time, you must also devote all your time to Miss France, that means giving up on her other activities. But people other than these are also in talks“, she announced again.

Delphine Wespiser does not close the door to her future within the Miss France committee

On his side, Miss France 2012 really does not intend to become the next Sylvie Tellier. She prefers to focus on her various TV shows. Only, it does not completely close the door to this possibility either. “My schedule at the moment does not allow me elsewhere. But not long ago, someone said to me: ‘To be at the head of Miss France, you need someone who is used to taking blows. You, you could!’. I admit that it made me think about my abilities in this area. I know how to organize and manage people and invest myself thoroughly. But for the moment, it’s not in my priorities.”