There’s Love in the Air: Meet the Local Celebrities Who Are Planning to Get Married in 2023 | People | Entertainment

Several couples from the world of television, music or social networks have been engaged this year and plan to say yes in 2023, meet them:

Maria Mercedes Pesantes and Alfonso Miranda

The presenter of Teleamazonbetter known as mechegot engaged on December 27 with her boyfriendAlfonso Miranda. “I know that around here they don’t know him very much, because I keep my personal life to myself. But since this is such an important day for us, I want to share our happiness and that of our families with you, ”he shared in his latest publication on instagram.

It is the first photo that the television host publishes with her partner.

Dayanara Peralta and Jonathan Estrada

She is a singer and he is a youtuber, their love has been the protagonist of the cameras and they will make it official in January 2023. Dayanara Y Jonathan They already had their civil ceremony in February 2021. However, they plan to have their big celebration next month.

Dayanara and Jonathan Estrada, a love that began through a chat: We are very transparent, we have the key to everything between the two of us

Dayanara has been together for 7 years Jonathan, actor and producer from Quito. He revealed that it will be a “very familiar” ceremony that will be held in Guayaquil. He doesn’t know if he will sing at his wedding.

Jean Paul Jones and Sara Medina

This December, the former girl reality Sarah Medinaaccepted her boyfriend’s romantic marriage proposal jean paul jones with whom you have a relationship of more than 1 year. Sarah was a member of the program 7th street And now, like his partner, he creates content on social networks as hobbies.

The proposal was made at the home of the parents of Jones, with flower arrangements and photographs of the couple hanging from the ceiling. The entire proposal was recorded and shared on his account instagram. Although they do not have a wedding date yet, they are expected to get married in the next 12 months.

Irene González and José Luis Estrada

The MasterChef irene gonzalez take with your partner, Jose Luis Estrada, four years of relationship and on August 10, the day of their anniversary, they made their engagement official with a ring. “He went to my house, we were talking, he is very funny to give gifts, he makes me search the house like blind man’s chicken, and he hits me in an air conditioning box, he makes jokes at me and he likes to see the reactions when he opens it. He comes to me with the joke of the surprise gift box and when I started to open it there was something nice written on it until I found the box with the ring. That was my request and the truth is that my children are very happy,” the chef said in an interview with this newspaper.

Irene González, jury of ‘MasterChef Ecuador’, in love, engaged to be married and ready to be a grandmother

Veronica Alava and Tim McGuire

@Holasoyveritodigital content creator, announced on December 26 that she will marry her boyfriend Tim McGuire, with whom he has been in a relationship for a year. “Last year I ended the year meeting you and this year I ended it committed to you” wrote the communicator on her networks, after posting a photo of her with her new ring.

Jaime Enrique Aymara and Naomi Sarango

Jaime Enrique Aymara, a 54-year-old singer from Quito, proposed to Naomi Sarango on national television. The romantic moment was shared by the couple with viewers of From house to house, from TC Television. “I wanted to ask her to be a bigger part of my life, not only my partner, but also my wife,” said the singer, who knelt before her and made her request.

They have been in a relationship for a year and eleven months and are very much in love, he assured during the broadcast, which took place in October of this year. Same as him, Naomi he is also a singer.

Katty Egas and David Diaz

Katty EgasEcuadorian singer, lived an emotional day, on November 10, in “Soy el Mejor”, set, where David Diaz he proposed marriage. “I want you to know that my dream is also for you to be my wife. I want to ask you to be at the altar in front of God and accept me, please,” he said. David, kneeling down. The ecclesiastical wedding will be in the San Francisco de Quito Church, announced egas. (AND)