These 5 Netflix movies confirm that we are very valuable to pursue a half-hearted love

If there’s one thing that various Netflix movies have taught us, it’s It is that we cannot settle for a half love, because we deserve much more.

Someone who is willing to make sacrifices, even trade their flaws based on the relationship. That he is not afraid of committing himself, that he knows what he wants and fills us with stabilityare part of the lessons on these tapes.

Netflix Movies We Don’t Deserve Half Love

beyond the universe

And in fact, who really loves you is with you especially in the worst moments. This is how we see it in this story that shows us that, while he waits for a kidney transplant, A young pianist develops an unexpected bond with her doctor and the courage to pursue her musical dreams.

A place called Notting Hill

An unmissable classic among the Netflix movies available this 2023, Anna Scott, a movie star, and William Thacker, an ordinary man, meet in a place called Notting Hill. An unusual romance is born, hampered by the stalking of the press and the pressures of their own differences.

Always the same day

Likewise, it is important to learn when it is worth giving up a love in the ‘friendzone’ or that does not have the courage to bet everything on us, as we see in this drama where an idealistic woman and a rich womanizer have been meeting for twenty years on the date of their university graduation anniversary.

Calendar Love

Tired of being single on vacation, two strangers agree to be each other’s dates all year long. just to catch real feelings along the way. Will they take the leap of faith?

effie gray

In England, the wife of critic John Ruskin seeks an annulment so that she can marry his protégé, Everett Millais, after developing a passionate love in secret for the coldness of their relationship.