These 5 series that prove that Apple TV+ is now the best streaming platform ahead of Netflix, Prime Video or OCS

With just over 40 million subscribers worldwide, Apple TV+ is still far from dethroning its main competitors in the paid streaming market. Netflix has certainly just lost 200,000, a first for more than 10 years, it still has 220 million who are not ready to unsubscribe. His dolphin, Amazon Prime Video, has more than 175 million followers. But it could be that Apple TV+ is winning the content battle. By producing less than the streaming behemoths but taking greater care in its productions, the company led by Tim Cook could soon become the essential platform. Because we believe Apple TV+ deserves more attention from series fans, QG has chosen to recommend you the five must-watch programs on the streaming service. There may be in this selection your future favorite series – it is our case.

Ted Lasso

In the department of comic series, Ted Lasso is certainly the best in recent years. The series carried by the irresistible Jason Sudeikis follows the new life of an American football coach, Ted Lasso, who takes the lead of a football team (the real one, soccer) in England. Despite the doubts that weigh on the coach, coming from both the press and the management of his club, the man displays an unfailing optimism that will create unity within the collective. It is this unshakable belief in the future and brotherhood that makes Ted Lasso such a charming series, against the grain of everything that American television currently offers us. For its cast of formidable characters (you’ll fall in love with Brett Goldstein, the cantankerous footballer played by Roy Goldstein) and its improbable situations, Ted Lasso is a must.
2 seasons, 22 episodes of 30 minutes.


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Broadcast since last February, Severance is a staggering series of anticipation and a sharp critique of the entrepreneurial world. Directed in part by Ben Stiller, the 9 episodes follow the daily life of the employees of a rather special company, Lumon Industries. To become an employee, everyone had to accept a “dissociation” operation thanks to a chip installed in the brain, which separates their professional life from their private life. Once they walk through the office doors, they don’t remember anything. Those who try to cheat or get out of line are punished or mysteriously ostracized. So what does this company have to hide? This is what the employees will try to discover without being unmasked. With its disturbing atmosphere and its reflection on the notion of reality, Severance should appeal to those who like a series to disturb them and play with their bearings. Perfect suspense and impeccable casting (Adam Scott in the lead), this is undoubtedly one of the most amazing series of the start of 2022.
1 season, 9 episodes of 50 minutes.