These are all the boyfriends that Tini Stoessel had

Tini Stoessel He is not afraid to show himself as he is. Because she is such an authentic and humble person, the singer managed to fascinate the public. There are several people who feel great affection for her.

In addition to winning the love of her fans, the actress has also had the opportunity to win the hearts of different men. However, only a few of them became his boyfriends.

Although she is a reserved person with her life, Argentina used to share some images with her loves on her social networks. Although the relationships came to an end, she Tini still has a lot of respect and affection for them.

Source: Instagram – tinistoessel

These are the boyfriends that Tini Stoessel had

The truth is Tini Stoessel She has had few boyfriends during her life. The first of them was Pepe, who met the singer in 2016. This happened while they were both filming the video clip for the song Great Escape.

The crush was immediate and they did not hesitate to show the love they had for each other in front of the cameras. Since the confirmation of the courtship, the romance became one of the most famous of that time. Because she lived in Argentina and he in the United States, they had to maintain a long-distance relationship. Unfortunately it didn’t work even though they tried twice.