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‘Zombieland’, as well as a large number of productions say goodbye to Netflix in what remains of this month of April 2022. This is one of the announcements that makes lovers of the series tremble and films that this streaming service offers, because after a long time there are titles that say goodbye forever.

This is due to the monthly study carried out by the platform and thate allows the entertainment catalog to be renewed, which is increasingly impressive, varied and ready to please to all its subscribers who are always on the lookout for news. But there are also plots that, due to the little impact they generated on the audience, are withdrawn in order to make way for those that could be working well in all countries.

Therefore, if you are a lover of and want to know what will happen in the second half of this month, do not hesitate to look at this list that announces the disincorporation of several titles that must expire completely.

Withdrawals that Netflix will make for the remainder of April 2022

At the beginning of April 2022, it was possible to see how films such as: “Shrek”, “Megamind”, “Neighbor Invaders”, “Kung Fu Panda”, “Madagascar”, among others of your favorites they said goodbye to Netflix. However, that was not an impediment for you to continue enjoying a large number of titles that are still unforgettable and have even become a classic, due to the passage of time and their validity in the industry.

Nevertheless, There are also news in original and more current stories that have given even more credibility and quality to the streaming platform. that is always reinventing itself in order to offer authentic moments. For this reason, so that you do not stay without reliving the best moments through your favorite stories, we present the series and movies that will be eliminated in the remainder of the month of April 2022.

Street Fighter II:V

This is one of the most emblematic productions of anime and now the streaming service, because for years it has entertained lovers of the action genre, but more specifically those of martial arts. And it is that this series focuses on the life of two young people who have given their lives to this discipline and through it have managed to defeat the toughest battlesbut the best or worst is yet to come when they have to face one of their toughest opponents.

It is ideal for marathoning and relive the toughest battles. Until April 24 you can enjoy it.

Will also be removed:

April 22:

– The Unexpected Trap

April 23rd:

– Pablo

April 24:

-Street Fighter II:V

April 25th:

– Dear Zindagi

28th of April:

-Jumping Girl

-What in the World Happened?

– President

– Beynelmilel

-Bir Baba Hindu

– Cinar Agaci

– Eksi Elmalar

– Gorumce

– Istanbul Kirmizisi

– Neseli Hayat

– Kucuk Esnaf

– Organize Isler

April 29:

– Love Is War

– Tjovitjo

April 30th:

– Angel Devil

– KO 3an Guo

– KO Return

– KO One Re-act

-The Outsiders


The synopsis describes the following:The world’s population has been infected with a virus that has turned them into zombies. Few humans have not been infected, including Colombus (Jesse Eisenberg), a student at the University of Texas. Columbus wishes to return to his hometown in the hope of finding his parents still alive.”