These are the 5 most remembered characters of the gallant

Owner of great talent, charisma and indisputable physical attractiveness, mario cimarro has managed to become one of the most successful and recognized faces of soap operas.

Throughout his career, his dedication, dedication and professionalism have allowed to win the leading roles in some of the most successful melodramas of all time.

The most famous characters of Mario Cimarro

His most popular role, without a doubt, is that of john kings on Passion of HawksTelemundo’s successful rural telenovela that she starred in between 2003 and 2004.

Nevertheless, the firstborn of kings is just one of many iconic characters he has portrayed and has established him as one of the most famous stars of this genre.

Next, we present you The five most remembered characters that the famous Cuban heartthrob has embodied during his vast career:

Luis Mario Arismendi in Wild cat

After years of career, mario cimarro rose to international fame playing Luis Mario Arismendi on Wild catthe successful telenovela in which he starred with Marlene Favela in 2002.

Thanks to his incarnation of wealthy man who falls in love with a humble untamed young womanthe actor became the heartthrob of soap operas of the moment at that time.

mario cimarro

John Reyes in Passion of Hawks

Thanks to the fame achieved with Wild catTelemundo chose Cimarro as the first option to give life to its most emblematic character: John Reyes in Passion of Hawks.

Although the producer Hugo León Ferrer initially did not agree, when he saw him in his audition he was convinced that he was perfect to be the sullen protagonist.

Protagonist of Passion of hawks

give life to eldest of kingsa fighting man who while seeking to avenge his sister’s death found true love, finished consolidating as a luminary.

To this day, he is remembered for this role with which he reached the highest point in his career. As well as his chemistry with his partner in the melodrama, Danny Garcia.

Currently, he brings this role to life in the second season of Passion of Hawks.

Salvador Cerinza and Pedro José Donoso in The body of desire

During the year 2005, mario cimarro assumed a great acting challenge in his career by embodying the complex main character in the successful telenovela The body of desire with Lorraine Rojas.

In the plot, the leading man embodies Pedro Jose Donosoa wealthy older man whose soul ends up invading and reincarnating in the peasant’s body Salvador Cerinza after passing away

mario cimarro

Thanks to this inexplicable new opportunity, Pedro Jose decides to resume his life presenting himself as saviorbut everything he discovers leads him to decide to settle scores.

Hugo and Alcides de Medina in Treachery

Another important challenge in the career of mario cimarro was to give life to a double role in The treasona period novel released in 2008 that marked his reunion with danna garcia in fiction.

Within the project, the actor gave life to Hugo and Alcides de Medinaidentical twins, but with opposite personalities who fight for the love of the same woman.

Victor Manuel Galindez in Sea of ​​Love

Finally, we must highlight the character that he embodied in the Mexican telenovela Sea of ​​Love: Navy captain and famous travel writer Victor Manuel Galindez.

Within this Televisa production, released in 2009, the leading man meets and falls in love with Starfisha humble and tenacious fisherwoman, in Hidden Beach.

However, both must face endless obstacles to live your romance to the fullest.

mario cimarro