These are the actors who have already passed away

It was the month of August 1995 when the telenovela premiered on the Mexican small screen Maria, the one from the neighborhoodA production of Televisa headed by Thalia and Fernando Colunga.

The melodrama, which followed the life of Maria Hernandezcompletely captured viewers even in the most remote corners and became one of the most successful in history.

Since then, almost 27 years have passed in which everything has changed in the lives of its protagonists and the cast that accompanied them during the more than 100 episodes of fiction.

A part of the cast, to this day, continues to act; others have already decided to withdraw. While, many others unfortunately, They went ahead of us on the path of life.

The actors of Maria, the one from the neighborhood who died after the soap opera

With their departure, these stars left an irreplaceable void, but the imprint they left with their work in the telenovela keeps them alive forever in the heart of the public.

Next, we remind you of the actors of Maria, the one from the neighborhood who are no longer with us:

Iran Eory

the renowned actress Iran Eory captivated viewers of the time with his impeccable interpretation of Victoria Montenegro De la Vega on Maria, the one from the neighborhood.

Sadly, the talented star of Iranian origin died in March 2002 due to a stroke. She was 62 years old.

Ricardo Blume

On Maria, the one from the neighborhoodthe legendary Peruvian actor Ricardo Blume he won the hearts of all with his personification of the endearing gift Fernando de la Vega.

Unfortunately, in October 2020, the actor died in a hospital in Mexico at the age of 87 after dealing with various health problems, such as Parkinson’s disease and pneumonia.

Carmen Salinas

The famous Mexican actress Carmen Salinas completely delighted the audiences of this successful melodrama giving life to the remembered Agrippina Perez.

Unfortunately, the actress said goodbye to us in December of the year past due to complications caused by a stroke that had her hospitalized for several weeks.

The renowned and beloved artist I was 82 years old at the time of his death.

Rene Munoz

the actor Rene Munoz wowed viewers with his portrayal of the character “The Veracruz” on Maria, the one from the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, the artist departed on May 11, 2000 at the age of 66 due to “esophageal cancer and kidney and lung complications”; as published by El Universal.

meche beard

famous mexican actress meche beardwho played Guadalupe “Lupe” Linares in Maria, the one from the neighborhood, died in January 2000 due to pulmonary emphysema. She was 77.

Raul Padilla

Within this melodrama, the performer and comedian Raul Padilla also stood out masterfully embodying Urban Gonzalez.

In 2013, unfortunately, “El Chóforo” died the victim of a sudden attack to the heart while undergoing hemodialysis to treat kidney failure.

Silvia Chaos

the cuban star Silvia Chaos left this plane a victim of lung cancer in 2006 at the age of 72. On Maria, the one from the neighborhoodwas in charge of giving life to the nana Calixta Popoca.

Tito Guizar

Tito Guizarthe actor who played the father honoriuspassed away a few years after this reversal of Rich people cry too. Specifically, on December 24, 1999 at 91.

Father of Maria, the one from the neighborhood

Aurora Molina

The Spanish Aurora Molinawho brought to life Casilda Perez on Maria, the one from the neighborhood, died in February 2004 at age 72 after a fight against leukemia; according the day.

Pituka of Foronda

The interpreter Pituka of Foronda demonstrated his great acting talent with his impersonation of Caroline Monroybetter remembered as the “Mr. Expensive.”

De Foronda, unfortunately, passed away shortly after taking on this role. on November 12, 1999 at 81 years of age.

Other actors of Maria, the one from the neighborhoodwho also died are:

  • Enrique Lizalde
  • Ariadne Welter
  • Manuel Saval
  • Nino Seville
  • Anthony Medellin
  • Lilia Michael
  • Irma Torres
  • Ireland Mora
  • Grace Bernardos
  • Lourdes Deschamps
  • Isabel Martinez “The Tarabilla”
  • Genoveva Perez
  • Eva Bald
  • Javier Ruan
  • Carmen Salas