These are the artists that will participate in La Bóveda de Los Famosos | shows

Renowned artists will give their all to conquer the challenges they will face during their participation in the special program La Bóveda de los Famosos, which will be broadcast tomorrow, Wednesday, on TeleOne.

Among the participants are the presenter and former member of Menudo Johnny Lozada and the outstanding models and businesswomen Patricia Corcino and Shalimar Rivera.

Similarly, the veteran Puerto Rican wrestler José Huertas González, better known as “El Invader”, will see action on the program, who will face a well-known legislator in the El Gallinero VIP segment.

Another of the celebrities who will be part of the program will be the salsa singer Willito Otero.

“We continue to innovate and bring variety for the viewing public to enjoy. Our goal is to continue making this space everyone’s favorite, presenting a quality show and special programs like this one,” said the show’s executive producer, Josema Hernández, in written statements.

According to the information provided, celebrities will have the opportunity to help a participant win thousands of dollars in prizes.

The Vault of Celebrities will be broadcast at 8:00 pm and will last for two hours.

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