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Family union for mothers is a priority. Although the mothers consulted agreed that the best gift for them is to have their family complete and healthy, it is also true that surprising them with a gift that meets their needs would be ideal. Although many prefer to give away appliances (appropriate if they want), the reality is that most mothers today carry out various activities outside the home and have other requirements depending on the profession they practice.

According to a group of mothers consulted, these would be the desired gifts (they emphasize that they are happy with hugs and the love of their loved ones) that would help them or facilitate their workday.

Anita Buljubasich, TV presenter and producer

For the presenter of the program From house to house, replacing your mobile phone would be perfect at this stage. “A new cell phonerrrrrrr… Mine is going through the seven plagues of Egypt. And you really have to recognize that a good cell phone is no longer a luxury to become a necessity. And technology advances so fast that I don’t finish learning how to use the one I have and another superior one comes out,” says Buljubasich, who emphasizes that he prefers easy-to-use devices so as not to get complicated.

“To be honest, I don’t need anything material. I hope that Ana Paula returns soon from Argentina, I miss her a lot. And being complete, healthy and united will always be the best gift for a mother”, she emphasizes.

Buljubasich has three children: Marcelo Naht, Gabriela Naht and Ana Paula. The journalist she is married to the artist Nerio David.

Alejandra Paredes, actress

The classics of Hollywood cinema on original DVD are one of the gifts that actress Alejandra Paredes wants. Quote, as an example, White House (1942), gone With the Wind (1939), Gilda (1946) and Breakfast with diamonds (1961).

Paredes, who is the mother of three children, also gives the option of a book that contains this type of material. “Let him talk about the history of how each of these films was made (…); It would be a fabulous gift (…). Or from the movie Gentlemen prefer blondes (1953), in which Marylin Monroe acted (…). If there is no DVD, (…) a book that has all these contents, with photos and how they were filmed, the anecdotes and the experiences of each of these films, which are classics”, she comments.

The actress Alejandra Paredes (second from the left) with her children Santiago Rovello (l), Marela Cruz and Amaranta Cruz. (Photo: Elías Aguirre).

The Guayaquil native reveals that they can also be more intriguing suspense movie books, such as The silence of the inocents (1991), Fatal Attraction (1987) and Misery (1990).

For this Mother’s Day, Paredes says that the day begins with breakfast with her family, her husband and three children. Then they go to lunch with her mother, and in the afternoon with her mother-in-law.

Gisella Heredia, artistic promoter

Her work links her with artists on a daily basis. Between promotional tours, concerts and presentations, the Ecuadorian should always have her cell phone at hand to stay in touch. She assures that her daughter, Ariel, is always very attentive with special dates and with gifts, because she is right with them.

Gisella Heredia (d) with her daughter Ariel. courtesy photo

“Actually, my daughter is very detailed, and whenever there is a date she writes letters to me, which she shows me with her creativity that even includes my little puppies. But for me, well, she wanted a charm for my phone, and she got it for me; that for the shows it’s perfect,” he says.

Claudia Schiess, women’s coach and Miss Ecuador 2011

For Claudia Schiess, from Galapagos, who currently carries out various activities as a women’s mentor and entrepreneur, a valuable “material” gift would be a laptop. “If we talk about utility, it would be a laptop new, for my life and work, that now I can do it from anywhere in the world”, he mentions.

Schiess, who has two daughters, Luzelena and Reneé, with her husband, the producer Che Vera currently offers courses, talks and online training on empowerment, planning and organization of time and finances. She also makes coaching of businesses to women entrepreneurs, it maintains collaborations with brands, including Electronautica SA and Hotel Cucuve, in Galapagos.

Gabriela Reinoso, public relations officer and spokesperson for Ecuavisa

For the journalist and public relations specialist Gabriela Reinoso, constant updating in her professional field is vital to fully pursue her career. For this reason, she assures: “I would like to be part of an international RR seminar or congress. PP., to share it and apply it in my country together with my colleagues and colleagues, many of whom I consider friends. Public relations in Ecuador is a very competitive field that needs constant preparation, because everything evolves and we have to innovate along with technology.”

Gabriela Reinoso with her children. courtesy photo

Technological gifts that would be very useful in their professional practice would be “a Mac, an iPhone and the latest iPad, to have my digital agenda and show my projects”. Reinoso has two children.

Maricela Campuzano, former participant of ‘MasterChef Ecuador’

More than a gift, the former participant of Master Chef Ecuador Maricela Campuzano has the desire to buy a plot of land or a house, to locate her clothing and jewelry store there, because at the moment she rents. She comments that currently the value that she pays for the lease is 200 dollars, but that they have indicated that they will increase it between 50 and 100 dollars.

He indicates that he has his house in Mount Sinai and that they will soon obtain the papers, but basic services are lacking; In addition, establishing his premises there would not be convenient, due to the location, and it would not be profitable as it is where he has it now, but he is concerned about the increase in the value of the monthly payment.

Maricela Campuzano with her children, Juliette and Snayder. courtesy photo Photo: Courtesy

He says that, after an interview conducted by this newspaper, a banking institution was contacted to offer him a loan; she did not accept it, but instead she proposed that they help her by assigning her as a banking correspondent. Her response was positive, and that is helping her.

Campuzano, who has two children, comments that this clothing and jewelry store is managed by his brother; while she, from her mother’s house, where she lives, continues to prepare her dishes.

Marjorie Cevallos, journalist and public relations officer for TC Television

“Well, I’m not really a materialist; but if you ask me directly what material gift would be ideal for me, because of my profession, it would be a laptop with unlimited internet to be able to have all the information wherever you go and be able to carry out the relevant investigations or meetings via Zoom. Eye, I do it on a computer in office, but the laptop you take it everywhere”, says Cevallos.

Cevallos adds that wireless headphones would also be perfect for his daily activity. The also former beauty queen is the mother of Iker and Mikel and is married to Harley Maldonado.

Maria Mercedes Pacheco, actress

The actress and presenter María Mercedes Pacheco is very clear about what she would like to receive as a gift on Mother’s Day.

The actress María Mercedes Pacheco with her daughter Bianca Ocaña. courtesy photo

“A professional camera to perfect my photos and videos, since I work a lot with social networks”, is the recommendation that she makes so that her loved ones surprise her.

She is the mother of Bianca Ocaña.

Amparo Gomez, designer

Amparo Gómez, an Ecuadorian fashion designer who is celebrating the launch of her latest collection, Casablanca, wishes to emphasize the importance of personal care as one of the best gifts that mothers can give each other to balance all the facets they fulfill in addition to motherhood.

”We mothers can develop ourselves in so many innovative ways in this century (…), but for all those tasks that mothers carry out, the image must be impeccable. For this reason, first I recommend that they love themselves by cleaning their skin, that they take care of their hair, their nails, their skin and their health, which is the most important thing, as well as their mental health, especially in this time of pandemic . We are the lionesses of the house, because we evoke protection. But some mothers, due to lack of time, do not give each other those little gifts, those attentions in their personal care to feel good”, emphasizes the businesswoman.

Finally, he also recommends pursuing a hobby that complements your daily activities, so this is a great opportunity for gifts that challenge the mind or manual and creative skills. Gómez has three daughters: Andrea, Gabriela and Amparo. (I)