These are the highest paid youtubers of 2021 (none are Latino)

In recent times, new stars broke into the world and began to gain more and more notoriety and dollars. It’s about the youtubers that, with their own style and content, have conquered millions of people around the world and success results in exorbitant fortunes.

The Spanish edition of Forbes magazine recently published the top 10 highest paid youtubers in the world and how much they charged in 2021.

Note that they do not appear neither latinos, nor spanish and there is only one womanactually a 7 year old girl. The United States dominates the YouTube platform.

Forbes highlights that among the 10 accounts, an income of around 300 million dollars was registered in 2021, a record figure, 40% more than the previous year.

While views count, lad revenue and product lines the accounts of content creators increase.

#1 MrBeats / $54 million

23 years old and location, United States. In 2021, he earned $54 million and his videos accumulated 10 billion views. Its content consists of challenges and one of the most viewed in the past administration was the one that was recorded inspired by the series squid game, with a colorful production that recreated several of the original tests. It is followed by 88.4 million people.

#2 Jake Paul / $45 million

25 years old, American and boxer and internet personality. He is the brother of Logan Paul, with the same trades. His account on the video platform, with 20.4 million subscribers, is mainly used to promote his boxing career, with fights, training and, from time to time, some moments of intimacy.

#3 Markiplier / $38 million

His real name is Mark Edward Fischbach, he is 32 years old and is also originally from the US, specifically from Hawaii. His videos, very long by the way, are about him playing online or trying simulators. According to Forbes, his mMerchandising represents their largest source of income. It has the support of 31.6 million Internet users.

#4 Rhett and Link / $30 million

Americans. Rhett McLaughlin (44) and Link Neal (42) work comedy videos, with challenges and recreations. Neither its subscribers (4.9 million) nor its views are very high (average 1.5 million), but according to Forbes, a cooking series with another host, Josh Scherer, extended his brand and made it more profitable.

#5 Unspeakable / $28.5 million

Nathan Graham is 25 years old and American. He has four YouTube channels and on the main one, as advertised, he pranks his friends, drives cars and meets crazy challenges.”

One of the most viewed videos was the one showing how you can spend $1 million in an hour. He has 12.9 million followers.

#6 Nastya / $us 28 million

Nastya is the only woman and she is seven years old. He was born in Russia, but lives in the United States. Her channel, Like Nastya, shows the little girl “playing, learning, singing, exploring and sharing their life experiences”.

It is pure cuteness, some of her videos show her writing her letter to Santa Claus or sleeping alone for the first time. It has 85.9M subscribers.

#7 Ryan Kaji / $27 million dollars

Ryan, who started on YouTube at the age of four, is now 10 years old and accumulates 31.4 million followers on his Ryan’s World channel. “Ryan loves to do lots of fun things like simulation games, science experiments, music videos, skits, challenges, crafts and much more,” they announce on his page. He is also American.

#8 Dude Perfect / $20 million

It is a quintet that mixes sports with comedy. They are the twins Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney, also located in the United States. Have 57 million followers, which celebrate their challenges such as car races or an exercise routine with weights of 890 kilos and underwater.

#9 Logan Paul / $18 million

Yes, he is the American youtuber who survived a fight against former world champion Floyd Mayweather. He is not very constant with videos for his 23.3 million followers. Sometimes it shows fights, other times its Pokémon cards and also ventures, but, according to Forbes, his podcast, Impaulsive, further fueled his fame.

#10 Preston Arsement / $us 16 million

American, 25 years old. Although he has several YouTube channels, the most successful bears his name and has 18.8 million subscribers. There he spends his time playing or fulfilling curious challenges, such as spending 50 hours consuming only food of a specific color or living 24 hours in a private jet.