These are the videos of Father ‘Chucho’ in which he appears singing

Jesús Hernán Orjuela, better known as Father ‘Chucho’, is a religious man who gained popularity for spreading Catholic beliefs through the media. For years, the priest was part of the television format Very good dayswhich was directed by the late presenter Jota Mario Valencia and went off the air some time ago.

Today, in the morning slot, the morning program of the RCN Channel is named Good morning Colombia, but in this there is no presence of a priest, as there was that of Father ‘Chucho’. However, years ago, there was a time when this religious man was named in a massive way, after he stopped appearing on television; which produced discrepancies among viewers.

In that sense, Orjuela is the most famous parish priest on Colombian televisionsince he gave holy mass every Sunday live and direct, in addition his words appeared every day to share messages of love, reconciliation and peace.

In an interview, Father ‘Chucho’ said, at the time, that his departure from television was not precisely because of his work, but because of the Catholic Church. He commented that they took off the air all the programs where beliefs were not included. “I am not there, because I am a priest,” he assured.

Added to this, by becoming a highly recognized public figure, Father ‘Chucho’ was also implicated in different nonsense ranging from a lawsuit for labor exploitation, to statements on the subject of sexual abuse by his fellow Catholics, Regarding this, the man mentioned that everything that happened was the product of the interest of others.

So things, the priest managed to be remembered for his television appearances. So that any action that he carries out is attended by the digital public, which has been growing constantly.

With the advent of new technologies, people looked for new alternatives to make their ideas known and Father ‘Chucho’ was no exception. The platform with which he explored the creation of videos was YouTube, where he accumulates more than 200 thousand followers and talks about his Catholic faith. Orjuela has presented, directed masses and now exploits his talent for music.

Like many other priests, the famous religious enjoys singing the praises of the church; In fact, in 2021 he talked about his inclination for music and the taste he has for it. Therefore, seeking to continue imparting her messages, Father ‘Chucho’ pushed aside fear and dared to release several songs in which the parish priest is the center of attention with singles that involve the words of God.

On YouTube you can see the varied offer that the priest, now a content creator and digital influencer, has with various help from other artists. In addition to this, in the Google tool the believer has the possibility of transmitting the Eucharist live. In the early hours of the morning, the faithful Catholic appears giving the sermon from the church of Castilla, located in the west of Bogotá.

In that order of ideas, Father ‘Chucho’ sought solutions to continue trapping others. Here is one of his most recent music videos:

In the same way, as well-known influencers do, such as the Mexican Luisito Comunica, Father ‘Chucho’ also has a section on YouTube where they host video blogs being in different parts of the world, spreading various religious ceremonies and professing their guiding thought.

In conclusion, this Colombian priest has adapted to the changes and even his music singles appear on Spotify.