these contaminated sausages are urgently recalled

barely unveiled, this reminder anguishes and annoys to the highest degree. Indeed, if we want to organize an aperitif for 2023, it’s grated!

These recall cases sow chaos

This word often triggers chain reactions. And for good reason, last spring, the arrival of victims on the set of TPMP caused a wave of fear. For the first time, we probably thought that it didn’t just happen to others. Since then, the consumer reminder platform has its work cut out for it. Every day, via social networks (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) she makes a point of affirming as a priority the savory beaks as well as the sweet ones. This week it’s the charcuterie lovers who will have to take out the handkerchiefs to dry their tears. For a while, they will have to be extra vigilant.

If you know the brand The Little Landréen, it’s time to get rid of it without wasting a second. And don’t listen to those who blame you for food waste. If you don’t want to end up in the emergency room or more in a service resuscitation, you have a mission, that of identifying the defective batch was 1331202491. To support you in this mission, Objeko also provides you the barcode 3252851381204.

In a second time, Clobert’s Delights joins his colleague in the reminder box. Referenced under the following traceability number, it seems easier to detect. And for good reason, if you are a regular at Super U or of Leclerc, it’s a safe bet that you are unfortunately the target of this microbe. Besides, do you know how to detect it and put out of harm’s way in our food routine?

What to do in case of salmonella poisoning?

Stomach aches, nausea, headache, trio of symptoms delights charcuterie enthusiasts. Unlike listeria, which sometimes takes more than a month to appear, the bacterium we are dealing with spreads between 6 hours and 3 days after eating contaminated food. After having been in the point of sale closest to us, you probably still have questions. This is why, if it is not yet done for this reminder, we invite you to contact 02 41 52 38 00 a.s.a.p.

You understood it without us drawing you a picture, if you hear a tiny rumor about this kind of story, don’t hesitate to share your sad feedback. From the feeling of discomfort at the reception in store, we want to know in the smallest details. Who knows, maybe a recall has escaped our scanner?