these excruciating pains to have his angioma removed which marked him for life

Chain TF1 broadcast this Saturday, July 2, a documentary on the flagship host of 12 strokes of noon. This was titled Jean-Luc Reichmann, an extraordinary destiny. For the occasion, the production retraced his journey in his career, but also in his personal life. Several people around him were kind enough to discuss the personality of the host, in particular his mother, Josette. The latter evokes the complicated childhood of the happy troublemaker of the first channel. Indeed, his birthmark has caused him much concern and suffering. We tell you!

Jean-Luc Reichmann did not have an easy life with his particularity

In the report relayed by the channel TF1, Josette, the mother of Jean-Luc Reichmann shared her bitter memories in connection with the youth and the angioma of her boy. Indeed, they tried to get rid of this stain on his face, but it was not without suffering… The animator came into the world with this stain. Today, the accomplished man seems perfectly comfortable with his appearance, but this has not always been the case and we can imagine it. Moreover, his parents have always been very sad to see their son suffer. In the documentary, we learn more about the difficult times for the emblematic host of the 12 strokes of noon.

Jean-Luc Reichmann reveals his complicated youth

In all sincerity, Josette says that the task took ” half of the nose, the eyelid and under the eye “. She and her husband asked themselves many questions about the future of their child. ” I admit that we had a hard time, I said to myself “But all the same it should go away”“, explains the mother of Jean-Luc Reichmann. So the parents were consulted by doctors to try to make it disappear. Jean-Luc Reichmann’s version is a little different and he suffered from his parents’ approach, as he mentions: ” My mother, she takes me to the hospital several times to try to look like everyone else “. The rest of the story is even more painful…

The doctors were in complete doubt

The doctors will try everything to eliminate this peculiarity of birth. Jean-Luc Reichmann was still a very young child, but he suffered a lot from the surgeries. ” We try dry ice, it hurts so much “explains the host of TF1. ” There was a crust that was forming, it was a horror ” he recalls.

Once, twice, three times… It’s something that is very, very violent “, Continues the leader of the midday game. At one point, Jean-Luc Reichmann had reached the end of his abilities and he no longer wanted to suffer: “ Mom it hurts too much, I don’t want to go anymore “. This period of his life traumatized him and the pain will remain forever etched in his memory. » In the head of a child it stays forever “, he explains. The parents had to resolve and stop the attempts.

An extraordinary career

In addition to having suffered in the hospital, in the school environment, it was not better. It was psychological suffering. Jean-Luc Reichmann was put aside because of his difference. ” In the playground, there is the small, the fat, the skinny, the redhead, and I was the task “, he explained. He kept everything to himself and never mentioned the teasing he suffered from his parents. Josette admits the following: He never complained, he was always very reserved about it “.

In adolescence, the fight continues. A young girl rejected her because of her birthmark. The host of TF1 very quickly understood that he could not use his physique, so he fell back on humor! Today, he is comfortable in his sneakers and even grateful! Finally, it is partly thanks to his stain that he had this great career. ” It is perhaps thanks to this difference that I have made seduction my profession. ends up saying Jean-Luc Reichmann.