These have been the most notorious divorces in Mexico – Nueva Mujer

When the love it’s over the rags of each begin to come to light partner and celebrities are usually more exposed to the ventilation of their privacy as they are public figures.

Although making the decision to break away it is best to move forward and leave mistakes behind, some personalities have done the opposite and have made their infidelities, distances and their disagreements.

The most notorious divorces in Mexico

The divorce between Adamari Lopez and Luis Fonsi It has been one of the most notorious in Mexico because it occurred in the midst of the presenter’s cancer condition, who accused the singer of abandonment and infidelity.

The presenter and singer They were married in 2004 and they parted in 2009.

Geraldine Bazan and Gabriel Soto

The divorce between Bazan and Soto was involved in controversies due to the infidelity of the actor with Irina Baeva.

The actors announced their breakup andin 2017 and a year later they would be signing their divorce. Throught social media Geraldine confirmed that their separation was due to the multiple infidelities of the soap opera heartthrob

Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann

After four years of marriage and the arrival of their daughter Kailani, Derbez and Ochamann they separated and although they were not involved in infidelities, the fans of the artists remained surprised.

Both assured that the end of their Romance It was due to personal differences. Currently they manage a good friendship for the well-being of their daughter.

Ludwika Paleta and Plutarco Haza

This was one of the most beloved couples of Mexico, Well, they not only got married but also renewed their vows. However the actor acknowledged that he neglected their relationship which affected his marriage.

In 2008 They announced their breakup but the divorce would have been signed in 2010.

Different media came to ensure that Palette he would have been unfaithful to the actor with the singer Paul Montero.

Lucero and Mijares

With 14 years of marriage and two children, the singers finished their Romance in 2009 but were officially divorced in 2011.

Currently, they are great friends and they have made a great team as parents and professionals.