these photos of baby Sasha Obama posted by her parents for her 21st birthday

Michelle, Sasha and Barack Obama at the Marine Barracks Evening Parade. (Washington, June 27, 2014.) Getting Pictures

Barack and Michelle Obama shared photos of their youngest daughter on social media on her 21st birthdaye anniversary.

Back in the 2000s. Michelle and Barack Obama wished their daughter Sasha a happy birthday using vintage photos they individually posted to their Instagram accounts on Friday, June 10. The couple opted for shots on which Malia’s sister is only a few months old.

“My baby has grown into a beautiful, independent, compassionate and resourceful woman. But you will always be my pea. I am proud of the woman you are becoming. I love you,” captioned the former First Lady. As for 44e president of United States, he also addressed a few words to his youngest: “Happy birthday Sasha! I loved watching you grow into the smart, beautiful, caring young woman that you are. No matter how old you are, you will always be my little girl. Look at those cheeks!”

Sasha Obama puts on a show in a TikTok video

A family close to its subscribers

The couple regularly share family photos with their many subscribers. Recently, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, for which Barack Obama had paid tribute to his wife with a photo on which all the members of the family pose arm in arm.

But also last April to promote the new Netflix documentary, Our Great National Parks, by Michelle and Barack Obama.

Although Barack Obama ended his presidential term in 2017, he is still an extremely popular personality on social networks, as are his wife and two daughters.