these products are potentially dangerous for health, they are ice creams

With the arrival of fine weather and rising temperatures, enjoying a little ice cream is always a real pleasure, but be careful which one you choose.

Recalled ice cream

Some products are being recalled, so stock your freezer if you bought popsicles last year. What products are concerned: many ice creams made by the company Mars Wrigley and whose end of marketing dates from July 31, 2021.

Twix ice cream is concerned. So, if you bought these ice creams in x6 format (barcode: 5000159484695), x10 (5000159491136), x12 XL (5000159484763), x18 including 6 offered (5000159501576) or x24 (5000159484657), you should not eat them. Also affected are M&MS frozen desserts with the mention Peanut single 1×25 (5000159500340), Peanut – Stick x4 (5000159500654), M&M’s chocolate single 1×25 (5000159500371) and M&M’s Chocolate – Stick x4 (5000159500678).

A carcinogenic substance found in ice cream

Finally, Bounty ice cream. The boxes of 6 (5000159483063), 10 (5000159491150) and 18 including 6 offered (5000159501552) must absolutely be set aside. The reason ? The presence of ethylene oxide.

This substance is classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic, has been banned in the European Union since 2011 as “food and feed preservative”. Thus, it could increase the risk of causing cancer, causing cell and DNA transformations in the body, but also harming fertility or the development of an unborn child.

Customers who have therefore purchased one of the items mentioned above must not eat it and can bring it back to the store before May 11 and thus be reimbursed. Compensation with the sending of coupons is also on the program. To benefit from it, keep the packaging and throw away what’s inside. The details of the batches concerned are available on the Rappel conso website, which is very well done.

Massive reminder: the French, ice cream fans

With rising temperatures, we know the French are really fans of ice cream. During the holidays, on the seaside, many vacationers like to eat ice cream. It is a product that is not expensive and that pleases the whole family. There is a wide variety of scents.

Some ice cream parlors are very famous and offer flavors that are quite original. This is the case, for example, on the Ile de Ré. Indeed, the Martinière glacier is famous throughout France. The ice creams are of course homemade by a master ice cream maker who designs these ice creams from high quality local products. The cones are also made on site. Throughout the day long queues form at the port. In the various villages of the island, there are glaciers.

In Paris and in the big cities, there are also many ice cream parlors that develop new creations throughout the year. The prices are more or less affordable. Young people are particularly fond of ice cream. Eating ice cream is always synonymous with pleasure and holidays. We don’t all remember the famous song by Michel Jonaz, who recounted his holidays by the sea while eating water ice cream on the seafront. Like Proust’s famous madeleine, ice cream is also a product that leads to reverie and bring memories to the surface.

In France, an association is particularly vigilant, it is the UFC Que Choisir. Thousands of volunteers are there to help consumers who are cheated. Indeed, in recent years, scams or scams have been numerous.

In the weeks and months to come, Objeko will not fail to tell you about the news and topics related to consumption.