these products can be dangerous for health (salmonella), they are sweets

A few days ago, the Strauss company launched a first recall concerning products manufactured in the Elite factory in Nof Hagalil. The risk: salmonella contamination. All articles produced in this establishment therefore had to be removed from the shelves. We can therefore speak of a massive recall. This situation is reminiscent of the problems with the famous brand of Kinder chocolates also affected by salmonella bacteria. In this article, we’ll tell you more about the treats that are still being recalled today. So you can do your shopping with peace of mind.

A risk of salmonella contamination in Strauss brand treats

You thought you were at peace after bringing your Kinder chocolates back to the store? Well it’s not over. Salmonella is again responsible for recalls throughout France. This time it’s Elite/Strauss brand treats. This massive recall campaign extends throughout France. Suspected of containing this famous bacterium, the products manufactured in the Nof Hagalil factory must not be consumed. In fact, salmonella is potentially deadly. If these treats are in your cupboards, you must bring them back to the store.

The recalled products include all chewing gum from the Must, Alma and Bazooka brands, but also all Elite sweets. Also included are Para, Kif Kef, Pesek Zman and Taami chocolates, wafers, energy bars, cookies and brownies made by Elite. Add to this already extensive list all the food products that contain chocolate from the Elite brand. Chocolate chip puddings, milky puddings, ice creams and rice cakes are also affected. Even if these are precautions, it is better to take no risk and bring all these foods back to where you bought them.

What are the risks ?

To eliminate any risk of salmonella contamination, the Strauss brand has chosen to extend the recall to sweets and chewing gum despite the fact that its leaders have found no clues that may indicate the presence of this bacterium.

If you ingest a food product that contains salmonella bacteria, you will notice the first symptoms of the contamination one or two days after ingestion. Most of the time, these are similar to those of gastroenteritis. There is therefore diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever and abdominal pain. In classic cases, these symptoms disappear on their own after three to five days in healthy adults. But for children and people whose health is fragile, the consequences of this contamination can be much more serious. Indeed, these symptoms can be prolonged and worsen. In the most serious cases, they can lead to the death of the patient. Whatever your state of health, you must therefore call a doctor at the first symptoms.

What should I do if I have ingested one of the recalled products?

Do you want to make sure that no risky food is present in your cupboards? Note that you can consult the complete and detailed list of the recalled products and the points of sale concerned on the site

If you or someone close to you has eaten any product suspected of containing salmonella bacteria, check for symptoms within seven days of ingestion. If nothing happens, you don’t have to worry. Otherwise, it is strongly advised to consult a doctor as soon as possible. In addition, be aware that a refund campaign has been launched following the recalls of Strauss products and will continue until the end of June this year. For more information, a special number has been set up: 01 76 29 90 00. Do not hesitate to call it if you have any doubts.