These stars are still there, these are already out


These stars want to be king or queen of the jungle.Image: RTL / S.Thoyah

jungle camp

Vera Siebnich

In the jungle camp, a candidate must now regularly start the journey home. Who else is in the fight for the jungle crown? All information at a glance.

Still at it

Cecilia Asoro

26-year-old Cecilia Asoro lives with her mother in a shared flat in Düsseldorf. Before moving into the jungle camp, she was known mainly from “Germany’s next top model”, through her victory in “The Beauty and the Nerd” and because of her participation in “Prominent Separated” and in “Are You The One – Reality Stars in Love”. Her companion is her manager Filliz Rose. She took wet wipes and petroleum jelly with her to the camp as luxuries. In the jungle, she attracted attention early on with her direct manner and did not avoid any conflict.

Jolina Mennen

Jolina Mennen is 30 years old and lives in Bremen. She became known through her YouTube channel, where she shared her transition with her followers and gave beauty tips, among other things. Before the jungle camp, she could already be seen at “RTL high diving” and the “Wok-WM”. In the camp, she inspired fans and fellow campers with her open nature shortly after she moved in. Her husband Florian Mennen accompanied her to Australia, and she took curl care and pillows with her to the camp itself. Jolina not only touched fellow campers Gigi with her moving life story, but also the fans.

Tessa Bergmeier

Tessa Bergmeier once shocked Heidi Klum. At “Germany’s next top model” Tessa showed the finger. The 33-year-old native of Hamburg, who is open about her bipolar illness, was a problem very early on in the camp, and the first scandal broke out around her on day one. As a result, Tessa was repeatedly voted into the exams. Tessa took her good friend Charlotte Haak to the camp to accompany her. Her luxuries are powder and a pillow.

Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske

For Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske, the jungle camp would be child’s play, many suspected in advance. After all, the actress has lived in the jungle again and again in recent years. Her luxury items for the jungle: tiger balm and a pareo. The 43-year-old was able to really help the other campers with her survival experience right at the beginning when she lit the first campfire for the others. But then she kept getting involved in arguments with the other participants.

Djamila Rowe

It wasn’t actually planned for Djamila Rowe to be in the jungle camp from the start. But shortly before the start, RTL announced that TV fame would move directly into the jungle as one of twelve candidates. For Djamila not the first adventure in a television show: she was also part of “Die Alm” and “Big Brother”, in 2017 she took part in “Adam sucht Eva”. The 55-year-old took lip gloss and a pillow to the jungle. Her friend Yvonne Wölke is accompanying her to Australia.

Claudia Effenberg

Claudia Effenberg, 57 years old, was already the queen of the jungle before she moved to the camp – at least when it comes to her husband Stefan. He had given her a card and certified: “You are my winner”. In the camp, she quickly formed her own group with Verena, the “Blond Girls”. As a luxury item, she had two hair bands at her disposal. She was accompanied to Australia by Tim Mathé, whom she tearfully said goodbye to in a video on Instagram shortly before moving to the camp.

Gigi Birofio

Gigi Birofio has starred in other reality TV shows like Ex on the Beach, Temptation Island VIP, and Prominent Separated, and ventured into the jungle this year. There he quickly attracted attention with his sayings, for example when he spontaneously renamed the term LGBTQI*. He scored with the viewers with his inexperienced manner and collected so many sympathy points. The 22-year-old took a pillow and hair wax into the jungle. His good friend and also reality TV veteran Mike Heiter accompanied him to Australia.

Cosimo Citiolo

Cosimo Citiolo had plenty of reality TV experience before the jungle camp. The “Checker vom Neckar” applied to “DSDS” more than once, was part of “Big Brother” and “Kampf der Realitystars”. Before moving into the camp, Cosimo had spoken openly about his money problems in the past, which could only be solved by participating in the “summer house”. The 41-year-old took deodorant and a pillow with him into the jungle. His companion: girlfriend Nathalie Gaus, with whom he was already on “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”. Even before the start, Cosimo was considered one of the fan favorites and received a lot of encouragement online during his time at the camp. His Swabian language in particular was extremely well received.

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Daddy’s Loveday

Papis Loveday swapped haute couture for jungle uniforms. The internationally successful model, who has already written a book about his life, was apparently of the opinion that the bush was not yet full of dangerous wild animals: Dad brought his stuffed animal snake to the camp. The 46-year-old chose a photo of his mother as the second luxury item, the relationship with her is extremely important to him. But she did not accompany him to Australia, Nedi Volkmann was the woman at his side. After just a few days in the jungle, he was awarded the title “Camp Papa” by RTL because he not only made sure that everything was as clean as possible, but also often calmed down disputes.

Jungle Camp: These are the most bizarre luxury items


Jungle Camp: These are the most bizarre luxury items

source: imago / lumma photo

Lucas Cordalis

It finally worked out for Lucas Cordalis this year: he was allowed to succeed his father as a candidate in the jungle camp. Daniela Katzenberger’s husband was slowed down by a corona infection in 2022. His father-in-law Peter Klein was allowed to accompany him to Australia, and he ended up taking sleeping masks and earplugs with him to the camp as luxury items.

In the camp, the 55-year-old first noticed that he was extremely reserved and was therefore hardly visible. That all changed abruptly when he confessed that the sex withdrawal would affect him a lot – Lucas promptly made headlines. Did he really calculate his performance as much as many assumed? After all, Lucas had already announced before he moved in: His declared goal was to bring the title of “jungle king” back to the Cordalis house.

Markus Moerl

Markus Mörl was one of the stars of the “Neue Deutsche Welle”. In the jungle camp, the singer also unpacked about colleagues: he described Dieter Bohlen as “melomaniac”. When Markus spoke about his sister’s death, he finally got emotional: she died of cancer just before he moved into the camp. “I miss her,” Markus said, overcome with emotion, at a group meditation. Markus took his wife Yvonne König with him to Australia. His luxury items are curious: in addition to pomade for his hair, he also took a dummy mobile phone to the camp.

Not included anymore:

Verena Kerth

Verena Kerth is a radio presenter, model and influencer. She became known as a friend of Oli Kahn in 2003, and the couple separated in 2008. Verena probably had the best jungle preparation you could wish for. After all, the 41-year-old is with Marc Terenzi, who knows exactly how to win on the show. He gave her the camp rules to read beforehand, so Verena knew exactly what to expect. It was also Marc that Verena brought with her to Australia. She was the only participant who refrained from taking the two permitted luxury items to the camp. In the show, she got along particularly well with Claudia Effenberg right from the start. But much sooner than she had hoped, she has to leave the camp: On day eight, viewers vote her out. Marc’s tips didn’t help either.

In just under a month, the 16th season of the dance show “Let’s Dance” will start on RTL. In the show, 14 stars compete against each other, who are not otherwise known for their dance talent, and learn different styles within a short time, which they perform with the professional dancers. This year’s celebrity cast was recently announced. Among them are streamer Jens “Knossi” Knossalla, “Topmodel” winner Alex Mariah Peter and Bachelorette Sharon Battiste.