They accuse Maya Zapata of using filters to look “white” in a video of Poder Prieto

The actress Maya Zapata was singled out on Twitter for allegedly using filters to lighten her skin tone, during a video where she just sent an ironic message about discrimination based on skin color.

Several members of the Poder Prieto collective came together in the video on the occasion of the December holidays, where they wish for a “white Christmas” but ironize various themes: “As white as the Catholic religion”; “As white as the bleaching of the Mexican heroes”; “As white as most of the Mexican theater”; “So white that birth gentrifies them”…

Maya Zapata says in the clip: “From Poder Prieto we wish you a white Christmas… As white as a Televisa soap opera… As white as our colonized minds.”

But people commented on Twitter: “As white as the filters you used for your videos? As white as your white friends? As white as the part of town you live in? As white as…” Someone even gave her away: “As white as @LaMZapata in her video.”

One person recommended: “Love and accept each other or take therapy. Skin color has nothing to do with beauty, not with style. Kissooooooossss.”

They even reminded him of one of his most recent films, ‘I’m your fan’, with a cast where there are definitely no dark-haired actors: “Have a very happy and White Christmas! As white as the white Mexican cast of the movies where @LaMZapata appears without complaining”.

He has denied that he “bleachs”.

A few weeks ago, Maya shared a post with Poder Prieto stating that “Our phenotype does NOT determine our talents.” Someone wrote to her: “Maya you are gorgeous, your skin color is beautiful, I don’t understand why you bleach more and more going totally against what you preach, really break the paradigms and stop doing it. I say it totally respectfully and from my appreciation. Greetings”.

So Maya Zapata replied: “It is not respectful to check my skin color. And even worse to assume that I am bleached.”

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