They accuse Percy Hynes, from the Merlina series, of abuse and ask to leave him out of the second installment

USA.- The actor Percy Hynes Whitewho participates in the first installment of merlinbeside Jenna Ortegawas accused of racist, abuse and manipulation, for which fans ask Netflix leave it out of the second part of the series.

After the premiere of the series Merlina on Netflix, starring Jenna Ortega, the project has become one of the public’s favorites and has not stopped giving people something to talk about thanks to its success.

Since the day of the premiere, on November 23, 2022, the Merlina series surpassed the record of stranger things as the most viewed title on the platform in a single week, according to Netflix data.

The results claimed that Merlina had aired for a total of 341.2 million hours after just seven days.

Percy Hynes is involved in a scandal that jeopardizes his tenure in the second part of Merlina. Photo: Special.

And it is that success did not only occur in Mexicosince it reached the Top 10 of the most viewed in 93 countries.

But not everything is hunky-dory for Merlina, the series is embroiled in a scandal due to the accusations against the actor Percy Hynes White, who plays ‘Xavier’ in the series.

On social networks, an alleged victim denounced the 21-year-old actor for abuse.

In a first complaint through Twitteraccording to a magazine with national circulation, others were added about alleged harassment of minors and recounted the unfortunate experience they had with Percy Hynes White.

Pecy received strong accusations. Photo: Special.

They point out that the actor would have distributed images in groups with minors without consent, racism, manipulation and abuse at parties, along with his friends.

Through the hashtag #cancelpercy, fans talk about the issue on social networks and ask Netflix to leave it out of the project.

It is unknown if there are complaints before the corresponding authorities, however, the actor has not ruled on the matter.

Netflix announced that there will be a second part of the Merlina series, with Jenna Ortega. Photo: Special.