They accuse Percy Hynes of harassment and Merlina fans ask to cancel it

It seems that the honeymoon after the release of merlin on the platform of Netflix finished or at least for the actor Percy Hynes Whitewho gained fame as one of the suitors of the little member of the addams familywhich recently began to be canceled by fans of the series for some accusations against him.

And it is that despite his interpretation in the production of Tim Burton under the role of “Xavier Thorpe” The accusations of harassment in a Twitter thread have begun to weigh more, so the subject has quickly escalated in the trends and has generated a wide variety of opinions about it and this is what is known.

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Percy Hynes White accused on Twitter of harassment

Through the Twitter account @thinkerwavier a series of screenshots were shared with pSome messages that the actor sent to a young womanin which an attitude of harassment could be seen.

However, the message with which the conversation began, coming from the account of a visible follower of the series, was later deleted, despite the fact that other women decided to keep the thread alive with similar markings through more screenshotsall with an apparent similar modus operandi.

But the accusations do not end in a simple harassment, because other more accusations talk about abuse against young people by Percy himself and a group of friends who were in charge of manipulating children under 15 years of age to send intimate photographs and even to keep sexual intercourse with them.

It is also certain that the actor refers to women under the headings of fat, bitches, ugly and liarsamong many others, so it is foreseen that more accusations may arise in the coming days.

Hynes White’s conflict with the Merlina fandom

The problem also triggered that, after the announcement of a second season where it was implied that the character could continue a love plot with the protagonist, the followers consider that shouldn’t be in the castwhich would imply an important twist in history.

Finally, on the subject, neither the protagonist of the popular series, nor its director or even the platform have positioned themselves on the matter, but it is not ruled out that in the event that the case escalates to a greater magnitude and even reaches court they are forced to have to modify history facing the second part that is already announced.

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