They accuse the judge of violating the rights of Horacio Palencia

In the trial in which he is accused of plagiarism, Horace Palencia They have “seriously violated his human rights,” says the singer’s lawyer.

“Despite the fact that in-person visits and legal briefs have been filed with the Federal Criminal Justice Center in Mexico City, with residence in the Reclusorio Oriente,
WE ARE NOT ALLOWED for the defense of Mr. Horacio Palencia, TO REVIEW HIS JUDICIAL RECORD, resulting in a SERIOUS VIOLATION OF HIS HUMAN RIGHTS”, says the lawyer Leonardo Gilberto Ramirez through a statement in which he exposed various irregularities in the case.

Palencia is accused of plagiarism by José Luis Calderón Águila, who assures that he plagiarized the song “My reason for being”. The lawsuit has been going on for five years and has been bogged down in court ever since.

Now, Palencia’s lawyer states that the judge handling the case has committed omissions and made decisions that have harmed them.

“The judge has not recognized us as defense of Mr. Horacio
Palencia for which we are NOT allowed to carry out our work, despite the fact that the legal and pertinent documents for said recognition have been delivered more than a month ago “.

By not recognizing Leonardo Gilberto as the singer’s defender, the judge is causing the time he has to present evidence to run out without being able to do so. In other words, he runs the risk that his period will end without him being able to present documentation to defend himself against the accusation of plagiarism.

The lawyer points out that the most urgent thing is for the judge to allow them to present an expert report on the case, but that by denying him access to the investigation folder, this has not been possible.

“Horacio Palencia Cisneros has the right to carry out his own expert opinion and investigation of the evidence that implicates him, however, it has not been possible due to the lack of
from the same”.