They accused Maxi of doing witchcraft in the Big Brother house

The last week was not easy at all for Maxi Giudici, one of the Cordovan participants of Big Brother. It is that to the possibility of leaving the house, which each time sounded louder in his head, was added the untimely expulsion of Juliana Diaz.

Within that roller coaster of emotions that the Cordovan experienced, on social networks they began to speculate that Maxi he resorted to a kind of witchcraft or black magic on these days that were so particular to him.

Maxi Giudici.
Maxi Giudici from Big Brother.

Speculations arose on social media after Maxi He was seen in the patio of the house in a more suspicious and disturbing attitude. “What is Maxi doing with that cup and a necklace?” they wondered.

And while theories that Maxi He practiced black magic in the Big Brother House, they exploded on social networks, the concrete thing is that the Cordovan seemed to be leaving his stone in a glass of water to cleanse bad energy.

The curious ritual of Maxi Giudici It was given two and a half months after the isolation of the game began within Big Brother, just a few days after his birthday and very close to the beginning of 2023.

Everything seems to have become unbalanced in the head of the Cordovan from the reincorporation of Juliana Diazthe woman who fell in love with him in the reality show and who was expelled for breaking the rules.