“They are identical”, Abigail Mancía and her sister steal each other’s eyes on the street!

The tiktoker and popular Salvadoran tamalera Abigaíl Mancía published a video with her “twin”, as her fans told her, since they bear a strong resemblance.

The beautiful Abigaíl Mancía always shares her energy, good vibes and smile with her millions of followers, they love the content that the popular tamalera shares.

Just a few hours ago, “Sunshine” published a short but funny video, in which his sister appears, who also enjoyed recording this trend that almost accumulates 310,000 views.

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“Who is the one that takes you the best angles in photos?”, reads about the video in which the famous tamalera responds by showing her sister, it is noted that both have a great time.

Abigail and her sister have a great time together. Illustrative and non-commercial video / https://www.tiktok.com/@sunshine_21_43/video/7097377090755988741?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1&lang=es

Both appear walking down the street, very close to the stand where Abigaíl Mancía’s family sells tamales. It should be noted that the resemblance between the two is immediately observed.

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In the description of the video, the Salvadoran tiktoker wrote: “Ha ha I love you.” 24,000 likes and more than a hundred reactions accompany the clip.

“They look a lot alike, I love them both”, “they are identical”, “it looks a lot like you”, “beautiful”, “you are a twin, they look alike, very pretty”, “I am seeing double”, “I he likes her”, “how beautiful, they look alike”, “the best, I love them both”, “a clone”, “wow they even have the same smile, heh heh the resemblance is obvious”, were some of the comments for the sisters.