“They are idiots”: François Cluzet violently attacks Luchini and Bigard

We knew that François Cluzet was rather direct in his remarks. What we did not know was that he was to the point of publicly insulting personalities who did not share the same ideals as him. This time, the fate was therefore relentless against the darling of Lola Marois and Fabrice Luchini. The latter who had an annoying habit of criticizing politicians whom they did not find to their liking. François Cluzet thus to balance that these two men had taken advantage of the pandemic to denigrate the power currently in place. A real low blow that he did not appreciate at all.

François Cluzet in In Aparté

François Cluzet wanted to warn the public that his words were going to be both clear and direct. He could not be more precise in the expression of his feelings. The man had therefore taken the opportunity to ask Jean-Marie Bigard and Fabrice Luchini to shut their mouths. A call to order that he had already made in October 2020. Currently 66 years old, the one who will soon be on the poster for La Brigade, the theatrical release of which is scheduled for March 23, 2022, does not still doesn’t have his tongue in his pocket.

François Cluzet attacks Luchini and Bigard in En Aparté

None of his words seem to have been said gratuitously. François Cluzet indeed thought each of his remarks. He even added a layer of it by calling his now opponents megalos in addition to wondering where they came from.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/247641-francois-cluzet-sen-prend-violemment-a-luchini-et-bigard