“They are idiots, they have an ego like a skyscraper!” : François Cluzet violently loses his temper with Fabrice Luchini and Jean-Marie Bigard on Canal+

François Cluzet is very angry. Guest of the show As an aside on Canal+ on the occasion of the release of the film Squad in the cinema, the French actor was very virulent about Fabrice Luchini and Jean-Marie Bigard. The 66-year-old comedian criticized the two men for their very clear-cut positions vis-à-vis the government, in particular in the management of Covid-19. For François Cluzet, the two actors have nothing to say. “It’s idiots, I have nothing else to say. They are jerks. They are jerks. There, you see, I do not mince my words. It happens to me to be stupid and it has happened to me perhaps more times than to others. But there they are idiots because they jump at the opportunity of the pandemic, one to say “but the other, the restaurateur, he washes the knives”. But shut the fuck up,” he said ruefully.

Does he regret his words after saying them out loud? “I openly think so. They are megalomaniacs. And the other first-class moron who introduces himself as president of the republic saying “Go fuck yourself…” [référence à Jean-Marie Bigard, ndlr]. But it’s not going well, is it? Where are these guys from? They have an ego like a skyscraper. Let them leave us alone! We are in enough shit, they give us hope! There is not one who gives hope, they are all there to say “gna gna gna”. But shut your mouth! And then give what you have to give and don’t come and give us your cerebral itching. We are actors, we serve the public. And we are here to teach them joy and offer them something. We are not here to show off by saying: “yeah but the government, gna gna”. But we don’t care. Get crushed! The government… Are you in the government? Do you want her instead? So it bothers me“, he continues, losing his temper violently.

“I’m keen on megalos. Because in addition these people do not give a good idea of ​​us interpreters, for God’s sake! We are performers, we are not alone on stage. We are partners, neither is a partner, they give nothing to the other. I know, I played with them! So if they give nothing to the partners, there is nothing. Result of the races, the public has nothing. Why ? Because they are egocentric, navel-gazing, megalomaniacs, I don’t know what. But frankly, they give an image of this appalling profession. Whereas me, the chance that I have, it is that I know the great artists of the theater and the cinema. I know them, I hang out with them and I try to bring my very small stone to the building so that the film is successful. And not show my face by saying: “Did you see, did you see, did you see?”, and then with this cerebral outpouring of intellectualism and reading and reading, and reading and reading and reading. And what ? So what ? You read all the books in the world and it didn’t give you humanity? Didn’t that give you generosity? Well then you would have done better not to read them.”

Source- https://www.gqmagazine.fr/pop-culture/article/ce-sont-des-cons-ils-ont-un-ego-comme-un-gratte-ciel-francois-cluzet-semporte-violemment-contre-fabrice-luchini-et-jean-marie-bigard-sur-canal