They are the mothers of Juan Soler’s daughters – Nueva Mujer

Though Juan Soler born in Argentina has been adopted by Mexico as one of the most beloved actors for his talent, charisma and beauty, becoming one of the most acclaimed gallants. The actor arrived in the country when he was barely 25 years old and began to train in the acting world.

to usually do It has a rather particular life story, especially with its paternity, Well, he found out about his daughter’s existence when the little girl was a year and a half old.

However, he is now a proud father of his three firstborn daughters. Valentina, Mia and Azul whom he usually boasts in his social networks.

Who are the mothers of Juan Soler’s daughters?

Soler’s first daughter is valentinefruit of his courtship with Karina, an Argentine woman with whom he broke off his romance to embark on his trip to Mexico and form a whole actor and model.

What I did not know Juan was that at the time of taking his suitcases his girlfriend was in a state and he himself has recounted that the lack of means at that time such as the smart phones Y social networks, it made him find out late about his paternity.

“I was boy. He was firing me because I was coming to Mexico to work. I found out about Valentina’s existence until she was a year and a half old, yes because I lived here, there were no cell phones at that time, there was no way to communicate, there was none of this, “she said.

valerie currently has 32 years, currently lives in Argentina and she is the mother of a girl, her father usually visits her from time to time and has managed to make up for lost time with her daughter.

Of Karina very little is known as it is not related to the show businessbut she maintains a good relationship with her daughter’s father and he continues to admire her.

“Her mother, an extraordinary woman, is incredible, she has my love forever, my love forever and I have a great relationship with Karina; We were dating, I came here and we were disconnected, we totally disconnected, ”she explained.

In 2003 the protagonist of soap operas married Maki Mogilevskythe Argentine television presenter and actress based in Mexico.

They both had their two daughters: Minewho was born on December 19, 2004, and three years later he came into the world Blue.

Although they were together for 16 years and they were one of the most solid couples in show business, this 2022 they signed their divorce and Soler started a new romance with the also presenter Pauline Market.