They are the same! The fashion coincidence of Florencia Peña and Wanda Nara

Catsuits are one of the trends in recent months, even since winter 2022. This garment is one of the most chosen by great figures and fashion lovers. Now, in summer, they are a rage in which no less than Wanda Nara Y flower rock.

Both figures joined this new fashionista hit that is sweeping everything: the media businesswoman showed a flowery catsuit in lilac tones, on the eastern night; meanwhile, the host showed off on TV with a design with a leaf print.

To attend a David Guetta recital, in Punta del Este, Wanda Nara He shared a series of images where he shows his incredible high-impact look to dazzle at night this year: a tight-fitting catsuit with a flower print in different shades of purple, lilac, and pink.

Wanda Nara.
Wanda Nara.

In addition, for the footwear, she chose silver heeled shoes and crowned the outfit with a make-up based on a mega eyeliner in total black, which she decorated with matching mascara, highlighters in certain parts of the face.

For his part, Florence Pena, which is always attentive to the latest fashion trends, never ceases to amaze with its striking and bold bets. Like Wandashe stood out in front of the cameras with a catsuit design extremely tight to the body with a black base and a print with leaf drawings in different neon shades such as fuchsia, yellow and shocking turquoise.

Adapted to summer, the piece that wore flower rock It features a corset with cut-out openings and straps that crisscross the chest and tie at the neck, revealing her torso and arms.