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Ricky Meléndez was the most “spoiled” Menudo member of the band. He is known for being one of the founding teenagers, entering at the age of 9, an age that allowed him to be part of the successful group that conquered the hearts of millions of fans around the world for much longer.

“Y yo no bailó” and “Cámbiale las batteries” are the most memorable songs he performed and made his fans dance in the 1980s, when the fever for the Puerto Rican band invaded all of Latin America.

At 16, the mandatory age that marked the culmination of his career within the group, the young man born in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, retired in 1984 giving his last concert in Caguas in a moving farewell in which other former Slight.

The children of former Menudo Ricky Meléndez are a copy of their parents

Unlike Ricky Martin, who was the young man who replaced Ricky Meléndez, when he left Menudo he decided to continue his studies for which he obtained the title of Lawyer in Commercial Law, which has allowed him to have a career that generates a life stable.

Ricky Meléndez married his youth girlfriend, Miriam Calderin, with whom he had two children: Ricardo Andrés and Verónica Sofía Meléndez, the heirs that the artist treasures with great pride.

At 54 years old, Ricky’s appearance has not undergone a radical change, since he enjoys a very youthful image that he maintains through exercise routines. In this way, he is healthy and his fans reiterate that he has the secret of eternal youth.

The gray hair adds to his curly hair look, the same one he wore during his tenure at Menudo. And it is these traces, the ones that speak of the fact that he is the head of the family, the one that he formed next to his wife, with whom he has already celebrated the 28th anniversary.

From his Instagram account, he shows his world, his family and how he experienced being part of the Reunion, with his friends Johnny Lozada, René Farrait, Charlie Massó, Ray Reyes and Miguel Cancel, and later with the “Get on a Motorcycle” tour.

His fans reiterate in their publications the great resemblance between their children and the singer. “Ricky, your son is just like you and the female is like his mother,” his followers comment when they notice that his features and even his gestures are the same as his father.

Ricardo, 28, is the firstborn and inherited the same black curls that made his father famous. His smile gives him away, as well as his bushy eyebrows and his bulging nose.

In one of the graphics, the young man is seen celebrating as a family, along with the queens of the house, his mother and sister, on his birthday in 2021, confirming the union that the Meléndez Calderín maintain.

While Verónica, 26, is the darling of the house and a faithful and exact copy of her mother, Miriam. In one of the images shared on his Instagram feed, Ricky shows off his beautiful daughter with an angelic smile.

The beauty of both women is unmistakable and their resemblance even more so, which is highlighted in another snapshot in which mother and daughter pose with Ricky in the middle.

In a photo from the past, shared on the occasion of another birthday, she revealed the nostalgia of when she was just a girl and the beautiful gray-green eyes she has, just like her father’s.

Undoubtedly, Ricky knew how to find happiness in his home, linking his artistic past, the one he will never forget and the one he keeps alive in his memories, before a new opportunity to return to the stage. (AND)

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