They assure that Carmen Villalobos’s husband “came out of the closet” with his most recent publication on social networks

Rumors about the alleged homosexuality of Sebastian Caicedohusband carmen villalobos they have been going around the networks and among the media for many years, despite this, the years go by and it seems that nothing is true, until a recent publication caught everyone’s attention and many already assure that the Colombian “came out of the closet” after that.

This is not the only rumor that has been going around the actor for a long time, as some speculate that he has separated from Carmen Villalobos, since they have not been seen together for a long time and his alleged “coming out of the closet” would be confirmation of said separation, the truth is that Carmen herself took the time to comment on the controversial publication.

Did Sebastián Caicedo come out of the closet? What does Carmen Villalobos think of the recent publication of her husband?

The publication is nothing more than a couple of photographs of the actor, but it is what he wrote that caught everyone’s attention “One day you will understand that everything is in you, in your attitude, in your way of thinking, feeling, speaking and that everything on the outside is a true reflection of what is on the inside”

The text continues with “Then you will change, you will stop paying attention to others and you will start paying attention to your heart, you will understand that the only being that can change your life is YOU”. Many took this message of self-acceptance as a “Coming out of the closet” especially for appearing in the middle of LGBTQ+ pride month.

On the other hand, the publication seems to have delighted his fans, as they left more than 76 thousand likes in a couple of hours, while his wife was present in the comments section writing “Your happiness is the most important thing”.

The truth behind the message of the husband of Carmen Villalobos in the networks

The text of the actor’s publication ends with: “And from then on your life will become a constant miracle, a divine fulfillment, full of harmony, peace and above all acceptance. And finally you can be HAPPY!!”

Some users highlighted the use of the hashtags #namaste and #369, both widely used within the yoga community and some spiritualist beliefs, so it may be a simple expression of the actor about his beliefs.